Bluu Patio Umbrellas Launched Latest Product Range For Summer Outdoors!

Offering respite from rain and sunshine the humble patio umbrella enhances the way one can enjoy the deck or garden patio. Choosing a patio umbrella that will weather the years is a standard choice for many, but how many of those leading brands out there contribute to the environment in a sustainable way?

Umbrella for the Trees

Forests hold immense power. Think for a moment about General Sherman, the giant sequoia in California. Estimated to be around 3000 years old, the General is one of the oldest living trees around. These woodland sentinels filter our air and water, provide jobs and can help mitigate the effects of climate change, but our forests are being destroyed at a rapid pace and on a large scale. Rarities, like our General Sherman, are in danger of being lost.  

Partnering with American Forests, Bluu is venturing to save national treasures, like General Sherman, from the destructive effects of human activity and climate change. As daunting as the endeavour sounds the solution is elegantly simple: one tree planted for every umbrella sold. Partnering with American Forests, Bluu embraces this social responsibility of helping to preserve wildlife habitats. General Sherman is not the only one that faces danger when it comes to changing environments. “Heat islands” that form in treeless city neighborhoods are a hazard for residents. Overall, it was found that up to 37% of heat-related deaths in recent summer periods were attributable to climate change. 

By providing shade through umbrellas Bluu is dedicated to save our cities and forests one tree at a time. With steadfast determination more than 70,000 trees across 320 acres have already been planted! 

Apart from the one-umbrella-one-tree project, Bluu takes additional steps to solidify their commitment to the environment. Directly collaborating with manufacturers to provide a one-stop-shop solution is not only convenient for customers, but drastically cuts down on emissions resulting from transportation and production.  

Quality Patio Furniture for the Discerning Buyer

Wendy C. shared her impressions after purchasing a Bluu umbrella. “We received this umbrella yesterday. It arrived undamaged and in the color we ordered. It took only a few minutes to unpack and install. We were very impressed with the overall quality of the umbrella, especially the fabric and sturdiness. It was exactly as advertised and exactly what we wanted.”

With a laser focus on customer service and the highest quality products, one might expect that this quality will cost an arm and a leg. The good people at Bluu are shocked by the sheer number of expensive, low quality products available in the market. Inefficient retailers are selling cheap products for an unreasonable markup. This is not the Bluu way of doing things. Working directly with factories to design durable products and using modern materials, these quality, competitively priced products are backed by a solid customer service team and no middleman to hike prices or delay communication. Bluu is committed to provide the best shopping experience possible for their customers. 

Christina M. shared her customer service experience. “The product was received timely and is of great quality. Mine came with a minor defect in the umbrella and the company remedied it by sending out a new canopy at no charge. I was not inconvenienced to return the original canopy (I did provide photo evidence of the defect though). Superb customer service. I would gladly purchase products from them again. The umbrella has been the perfect addition to our patio set!”

Shop Bluu’s summer patio collection here!

Rust-proof Market Umbrellas

A range of rust-proof market umbrellas in a variety of designs can be found on the website. All umbrellas boast a light and durable design and resists rust, water and wind. All umbrellas feature a nifty tilting system. For market umbrellas a push-button system is easy to use and offers 3 different angles for tilt. Cantilever umbrellas can offer a 5-tilt or infinite-tilt crank system, depending on the model.

The canopy can be replaced if needed and is made from superior materials such as Olefin and Sunbrella fabrics that are fade-resistant and comes with long-term warranties. 

Final Take

Making outdoor spaces beautiful should have to feel stressful, confusing and expensive. Apart from planting a tree for every umbrella sold, the Bluu website offers sleek patio furniture and accessories as well. With an industry-leading warranty program, backed by the reputable customer service team, a satisfying purchase experience is guaranteed.