Bitmedia: The Crypto Ad Network That’s Disrupting Digital Advertising


Digital advertising can be considered to be one of the only industries that continues to expand at an ever increasing pace since the day of its inception. With it, grows the complexity of tools, metrics, regulations and the diversity of businesses that surround the space. The most clear example of the latter is – a crypto centered display ad network that rose on the waves of crypto advertising bans and helped to take blockchain to the masses.

Today, the company sets the tone for the whole blockchain advertising realm and serves as an example of how diverse digital advertising has become. But just how exactly did Bitmedia become the most used crypto ad network? This gives us a perfect chance to overview the digital advertising space, its limitations and the disruption the company brings.

Points to be covered:

  • Digital advertising of today
  • Changing digital advertising with Bitmedia

The state of digital advertising

It all started with basic banners and quickly turned into an industry packed with thousands of tools and products. Digital ads have become akin to science and whilst students learn its intricacies in universities, the pros continue to develop increasingly complicated tools that know more about the consumers than the consumers know about themselves.

Digital advertising encompasses:

  • Display ads
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media
  • Affiliate marketing and more…

Out of all these tools, it is the display ads that often bring the fastest ROI. Usually accompanied by a plethora of tools, display ads allow advertisers to segregate and target audiences by location, personal preferences, gender, device type and even interests. This then makes it one of the primary tools in the race for brand awareness and conversions but, of course, not when it comes to blockchain marketing.

Bitmedia enters the chat

Ever since Google and other primary digital advertising giants put a ban on crypto companies, the blockchain industry took a steep dive. Affected by such a move, the scope of marketing options for crypto projects has narrowed, whilst everything that was left became incomparable to the conversions of the past, cutting down on ways to promote crypto.

Be it a well forecasted plan or simply being in the right place at the right time, but the work on the crypto ad platform started much earlier than the bans were put in place. Matvey Diadkov, the CEO of Bitmedia shares that he embarked on the development back in 2014. The expectations never included introduction of bitcoin ads regulations. Instead, Matvey and his team were on the mission to create a platform that is specific to the crypto and blockchain community. One that provides conversions to blockchain advertisers and opens floodgates to traffic, whilst at the same time lets crypto related websites earn from a consistent and high quality ads distribution.

Here is what made Bitmedia disrupt:

  1. Being specific. The ad platform is aimed at crypto, DeFi and blockchain projects, crypto publishers and the blockchain audience. Whilst Google Ads is seen as the main ad hub of digital advertising, capable of covering any industry there is, Bitmedia wraps its net specifically around finance and blockchain. As a crypto advertiser you’ll be hard pressed to find an alternative that gives you access to the exact audience that your business needs. And it all happens at a click of a button.
  2. Crypto audiences are not exclusive to blockchain projects. Best part about taking a niche as an ad platform is that this niche only limits you to the interests of the traffic it serves, not the type of an advertiser. This means that brands that advertise their products and services on Bitmedia crypto ad network are not necessarily associated with blockchain. At the same time they know exactly what kind of crowd they get access to.
  3. Partnerships. No quick growth is possible without the right plan and often such plan must include strategic partnerships. Tanya Petrusenko, the Chief Business Development Officer at Bitmedia, outlines that the platform always saw partnerships as an integral part of its development. The company’ extensive partnerships list includes Keitaro, a tool that streamlines advertising campaign optimization, AML Bot, the service that checks crypto wallets of platform’s customers for illicit funds, and Stripe for payments processing and swift transactions between advertisers and publishers.
  4. User experience. Crypto related projects often overlook the fact that not all of us are capable of coding a new blockchain overnight. Bitmedia on the other hand had to deal with two completely different interfaces at once. One dashboard must accommodate webmasters, who must have easy access to stats, export of stats if required, as well as money management and overseeing the ads flow to their assets. Advertisers sit on the other side of the fence and look for easy campaign setup and management.
  5. Value driven product. Delivering a more reliable and cheaper, whilst effective marketing, is one the crypto ads network’s main advantages. Believe it or not but click fraud is a popular theme across most top display ad platforms and often, it is very hard to spot. Bitmedia on the other hand, double checks all of its traffic via own and partner resources and then optimizes the results to the real numbers. Afterall, the only reason why customers keep returning to the platform is because they see internal growth and this is the best gauge of the service.

Pricing is another pillar that made the platform shoot up. Given the popularity of the blockchain space, it was only a matter of time until competition would come chasing. And somehow, when it comes to marketing crypto, Bitmedia continues to offer the most budget friendly CPC and CPM price levels available on the market.

  1. Blockchain vs digital advertising. According to the team behind the network, soon all ads will be monitored and managed by smart contracts which will allow for even more precise display ads accounting. As with all other blockchains, starting in 2022, the main financial interactions will be happening solely between the advertisers and publishers, delivering the needed transparency to the global world of digital advertising. Once tried and tested, Bitmedia plans to export this technology out of blockchain and apply to display ads in other niches and finally, go global.

Blockchain ads and the wind of change

Remember how governments across the globe tried to limit the developments around the blockchain space? They failed and failed for the simple fact that blockchain turned out to be too big of a fish to digest. Same logic applies to crypto advertising and the ad bans by major display ad hubs. There is no way of stopping digital advertising in blockchain. And as with the parent technology, the crypto advertising has not only tackled all the obstacles that were lavishly paved before it, but became a beast in its own right.