Bikini Anime Swimsuit Figures Perfect for Celebrating Beach Season

Speaking of summer activities and things to see, we actually have quite an extensive list of recommendations for some lovely sights which don’t even require you to leave your house.

This adorable anime swimsuit figure of Rem, is perfect to start off your swimwear collection if you haven’t yet!

It’s definitely possible for Rem to become even cuter than he already is! Even if you aren’t a fan of Re: ZERO, you’d probably want to keep an eye out for this cute girl who loves to wear bikinis and has a maid headband.

Rem’s twin, Ram, doesn’t let his sister get any rest either – he wants her all to himself! He loves how cute she looks in that pink and black swimsuit, so why shouldn’t he take advantage of it?! If you’re feeling generous, then go ahead and buy them both a ticket to paradise!

Here’s an image of Asuna from Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment. She’s here to bring some beach action to you!

With her sunny disposition and gorgeous looks, she’ll definitely brighten up any day of the week. So go ahead and enjoy the summer with this lovely girl, wearing a pretty red-and-white bathing suit.

An enthralling Asuna, this time enjoying some shade from an umbrella!

If one isn’t quite enough, why not go ahead and pick up this Asuna too? Once you’ve finished admiring the details of its striking blue color, take off her removable wrap for another look!

A set of two beautiful ladies, one of which is a mermaid from One Piece. Perfect for cranking up the heat during the summer months!

Both of these beautiful ladies are almost impossible not to look at when they’re wearing their skimpy bikinis. But even though they seem to be having fun together, there’s something sad about them too…

Get the perfect summer gift for your anime fan with the Nami and Saki anime swimsuit figure set! Featuring Kasumi from Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Paradise, this figure set is sure to bring a stunning addition to any collection. 

With her stunningly sculpted body standing proudly, looking beautiful and ready to join your world of adventure – you won’t be able to resist her coy nature. 

Moreover, if it’s Eriri Spencer Sawamura you seek, then rejoice! You can have their flamboyant character too, complete with sunglasses and a translucent tube. Bring home this incredible set today and expand your summer anime fun!

Eriri may be a bit of an otakudom, but she really knows what to wear for summer! Her relaxed pose reveals her slim figure and it seems like she’s blushing a little… Is it because she likes you, or has she got on the right end of your tsundere personality?

Here is a white bikini for you to wear when going swimming. It gives your figure an upgraded look!

Even without the typical beach attire, these adorable Cu-poches aren’t passing up the opportunity to jump in the water. They’ll be dressed to impress in their fancy new swim outfits and sandals that perfectly match! Ready to splash around and make a memorable scene with their trendy look, these Cu-poches won’t disappoint with their cuteness factor. People would be awestruck that it was an effortless affair for them; the only thing more pristine than these personable pets are their beautiful swimsuits and footwear.

There is no shortage of amazing summer sights to see! Have you already seen the selection we have? If so, you won’t want to miss out on the unique items available at our TOM shop. Follow along now while we take you through this original article from Tokyo Otaku Mode and check out some great treats! There will definitely be something for everyone. So don’t hesitate – come explore with us for the anime swimsuit figure!