Bianca Banks: Exclusive interview about issues of the world

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“I will be talking about these things extensively on the new podcast series called the MND Show”.  (Bianca Banks, model-entrepreneur and actress)


Bianca Banks became known to most Americans when she appeared in the series “Invite on Cabo.” The reality was filmed in Cabo, Mexico and the cast was hand-picked by the famous hairstylist, Larry Sims.

In her own right, Bianca is a business developer and CEO of her family business. What many people don’t know about her is that she is a single mother and philanthropist.

Bianca is specifically interested in issues that affect women, children, and younger people, especially abuse, addictions, domestic violence, homelessness, and underserved children.

This is a side of Bianca that many people don’t know about and we grabbed the opportunity to chat with her about some of these issues.

Bianca, thank you for agreeing to this quick chat. We know that your time is limited and appreciate it. What is the deciding factor for you when choosing a cause?

There are so many world issues, but I am always drawn to those that include the most vulnerable members of society who are not able to defend themselves. What many people don’t realize is that women are often just as vulnerable as children in many societies across the globe, even here where our rights are protected.

Which one issue causes you the most concern?

Domestic violence and abuse because this affects both women, and their children. Physical and psychological abuse have the same effect. One of the organizations doing extensive work globally is UNICEF and according to figures recently released by them, a staggering 275 million children globally are exposed to violence in the home. These children have increased emotional and behavioral problems and are less likely to complete school.

Unfortunately, around the globe, and here at home, an increase in domestic violence has been observed since the lockdown. Support groups offer invaluable assistance to the victims of domestic abuse through therapists, alternate accommodation, legal advice, and much more, but these need financial support to be able to provide all this.

What about homelessness?

Well you might also know that domestic violence is a direct cause of homelessness? In the U.S., half of all homeless women are victims of domestic violence and 38% of victims will be homeless at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, California, a state with so much wealth, has more than 150,000 homeless people.

The Institute of Global Homelessness has set out to tackle this problem globally. According to data from the United Nations Human Settlements Program, 100 million people around the globe have no housing, and 1.1 billion are inadequately housed. These figures are distressing.

How can the homeless be helped?

There are a lot of charities offering support, but state and local government support is also needed because the issues are many. In the past, support from the state was far less, but recently, more measures were put in place. These include rental assistance, eviction counseling and defense, and re-housing efforts for those who have lost their homes. Of course, these are never enough and our help is also valuable.

Is enough been done for those suffering from addictions?

The World Health Organization estimates that alcohol abuse causes 1.8 million deaths globally and that around 85 million people are consuming drugs regularly. Drug abuse is often used to escape the reality of other social issues, including homelessness, violence, and abuse. Across the globe people can get connected to help with awareness. These include The Global Youth Network and the world Drug Campaign.

What social issues do children face today?

Many come to mind. Bullying and cyberbullying are huge right now. Others include poverty, lack of adult supervision, discrimination, and violence. Many of these can be prevented globally if there were fewer wars, fewer human rights infringements, and poverty was eradicated.

In parting, can you tell us what you deem as the most important role a parent can play when raising children?

As a parent I say we need to set an example for our children, listen carefully to what they are saying, and to give them lots of love. We cannot all be rich, and there will be times where we cannot afford to give our children material things, but love is easy to give.

Do you want to give a shoutout to anyone today?

You almost caught me off-guard here, but yes I would: to the brave hospital staff all round the U.S. who put their own lives at risk during COVID-19 and those who did their best to try and keep the country running to whatever extent it was possible. We love them!

I listen to my children and respect their take on current events. This generational perspective is also the idea behind my podcast that I will be co-presenting with my daughter Jasmine. It will soon be launched on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and is called The MND Show.

For updates, watch my Instagram page @itsbiancabanks and the podcast page @themndshow.


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