Best Website Writing Services Launches its Product Description Writing Service

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Best Website Content Writing Services is pleased to announce the official launch of its product description writing service – the ultimate product description writing service in the market that offers well-written and SEO-optimized copy of product pages for blogs and websites. Best Website Content Writing Service aims to help brands and businesses increase sales by connecting them to some of the web’s best copywriters who can write compelling descriptions that will highlight the key features of their product and promote their brand identity. Interested customers can now avail of the service which has just been open for orders and inquiries since the beginning of this month.


The Need for A Quality Product Description

Increasing sales is the goal of every brand and business in the market. They implement various strategies to market their products and services to their target customers. Building websites with professional product pages is a part of this process. Such product pages are filled with compelling product descriptions and images that motivate customers and make them believe that they need the “value” these products are offering. Best Website Content Writing Services understand this circumstance and believes that product pages exhibit the personality and identity of both the product and the brand itself.


Accordingly, a good product description includes the features and benefits of the product, written in a way that highlights how it solves the problem of the customer. It should exhibit transparency and creativity in story-telling. Quality product descriptions boost the purchasing motivation of customers and put the product and the brand under the spotlight. Moreover, it is through trusted products that brands build a strong relationship with loyal customers. Trust and credibility are developed which leads to customers who do not only buy but advocate as well to their fellow consumers

The Service

Product descriptions for this service can be about any brand product from any niche with a maximum of 500 words per content item, or more depending on the need of the client. All outputs provided are guaranteed as 100% unique and underwent editing and proofreading. Clients can also request revisions depending on the package of their choice.  Upon ordering, clients will be asked to provide basic information about their brand and product so writers can align their writing style into the personality of the brand and ensure that all relevant product details will be mentioned in the description. Clients can also choose among the team of writers from the platform who they deem to be suitable for the project. 

There are three writing packages available for the product description writing service which customers can choose from namely standard, business, and premium packages. These packages vary in terms of the number of the product description needed, the inclusion of extra services, and rates. The standard package includes one item description and one revision; while the business package includes five product descriptions with up to two revisions. Meanwhile, the premium package includes ten product descriptions, with up to three revisions. All packages are guaranteed with a fast turnaround time and inclusion of editing and proofreading. 

The Writer

The team of writers behind the product description writing service of Best Website Writing Services is composed of experts who are all professionals with years of experience in writing for eCommerce sites and business websites. They are knowledgeable in writing copy for marketing purposes and will boost brand sales by creating compelling product descriptions which will put the brand and its products under the spotlight. Armed with the skill in highlighting the promising features and benefits of products, they will help clients earn the trust of their customers and motivate them to hit the purchase button. In order to do this successfully, the writers will familiarize themselves with the brand’s identity and style as well as incorporate relevant elements and powerful calls to action.

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