Best Website Content Writing Services Launches its Press Release Writing Service

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In the hope to help businesses introduce their products and services while showcasing their unique story, Best Website Content Writing Services is now ready to connect brands to the web’s best copywriters through their newly-launched press release writing service. This service offers well-written press releases that adhere to the guidelines of prominent PR distribution platforms.  Interested customers can now avail of the service which has just been open for orders and inquiries since the beginning of this month.

The Need for Quality Press Releases

People acquire various kinds of information from various sources every single day. They can either willingly search for the information they originally intended to or they can also encounter pieces of information served to get their attention and make them consider these as relevant as well. One way brands and businesses reach out to their target customers who may not be initially interested in their products, services, and events is through publishing press releases with the help of media organizations or PR distribution platforms. According to, a press release is a “written communication that reports specific but brief information about an event, circumstance, product launch or other happening.” Businesses make use of press releases as a PR tool to gain a wider reach of the audience given that people are always tuned to the news and lurking on media platforms.

Best Website Content Writing Services understand this need of brands and businesses to have quality, well-written, and professional press releases which they can submit to PR distribution platforms. People’s reception to their press releases will likely play a big role in the success of their event or product and service launch. Quality and professional press releases will drive readers to their website, introduce the brand and its unique value to the readers, and boost conversion, traffic, and sales. Most importantly, the quality also entails the adherence of the write-up to the editorial policies of the platforms from which it will be published. 

The Service

Press releases offered under this service can be about any topic or any purpose depending on the goal of the client. They can consist of a maximum of 1000 words but since press releases are usually short and direct, Best Website Content Writing Services suggest the recommended length range of 600-800 words. All outputs are guaranteed to follow the existing editorial policy of the chosen PR distribution platform of the client. Upon ordering, they will be asked to provide keywords and specific instructions on the content of the press release they intend to be published. Best Website Content Writing Services can also guide new businesses who are not yet familiar with the process of submitting press releases and help them connect with credible media organizations or PR distribution platforms.


The three writing packages available for this writing service vary in terms of the number of output, the inclusion of extra services, and rates. Their standard package which costs $20 includes one press release, one revision, and inclusion of editing and proofreading; while the business package includes five press releases, up to two revisions, as well as editing and proofreading. Meanwhile, the premium package includes ten press releases, up to three revisions, as well as editing and proofreading. 

The Writer

Best Website Content Writing Services’ pool of skilled press release writers who possess journalistic background will help clients avoid publishing overly promotional write-ups but well-written and professional press releases that will tell newsworthy stories which give value instead of merely “selling”. They are mandated to familiarize themselves not only with the product, service, event, or topic of interest but also with the brand’s personality in order to showcase its identity well in the story. Best Website Content Writing Services guarantee the professional background and ability of their writers to ensure service satisfaction.


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