20 Best VPN Services Rated and Reviewed for Privacy, Security and Speed

Today, finding the best VPN service is important to every citizen who value their right to privacy,  confidentiality – and protection against cyberattacks. Sure, you may want to also use VPN’s for watching Netflix, Hulu, BBC and Amazon from abroad, or to operate Linkedin in a different location, but you’ll discover more reasons to get a VPN.

Here, you’ll see the 20 best VPN service providers in the world, with an analysis of why they should, or should not be used.

Save time and jump straight to our NO.1 pick:

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Based in Hong Kong (NO log keeping = US & EU safe) – super fast, safe and 100% private.

What is a VPN?

A VPN service is a way to keep your internet connection private and secure by encrypting it, making it appear as if you are accessing the internet from the other location, rather than your actual location. This allows you to bypass restrictions placed on your internet connection, such as censorship or firewalls. With a VPN, it’s also more difficult for someone to track your online activity.

There are many different types of VPN services on the market, and they vary in terms of features and cost. Some VPN services are more expensive than others, but they usually offer better security. When putting together a budget, it is important to consider your needs as well as the other factors that affect price such as service levels or encryption.

If you’re looking for a VPN service to use for general browsing and streaming, there are plenty of options available. However, if you are in need of a VPN for more specific purposes, such as gaming or torrenting, you may need to narrow down your choices. In either case, make sure to read reviews of different VPN providers before making your decision.

Why use a VPN?

Have you seen the court cases between Twitter and Elon Musk, or Johnny Depp and Amber Heard? Or what about the case of Alex Jones and his Sandy Hook comments? It is crazy to think just how little privacy we have these days. Here are some reasons to use a VPN:

1. Protect Your Identity:When using a public Wi-Fi network, anyone within range could potentially access your personal information. By using a VPN, you can create a secure connection to the internet and protect your identity as you browse the web.

2. Hide Your Location: A VPN can also help you hide your location from website and app providers. By changing your IP address, you can make it difficult for websites and apps to track your physical location. This can help protect your privacy while you are online, and keep you safe from identity theft and other online security threats.

3. Keep Your Data Secure: A VPN can also help keep your data safe. By encrypting your traffic, a VPN can protect your data from being intercepted by third-party hackers. This can help keep your personal information confidential, and prevent anyone from accessing sensitive files or passwords that you may have stored on your computer.

4.Secured Browsing: A VPN can also help you securely browse the internet. By encrypting your traffic, a VPN can encrypt your browsing data so that it is protected from prying eyes. This can help keep you safe from online threats such as cyber-attacks and identity theft.

How To Find The Best VPN For Your Needs:

If you’re looking for a VPN, your top priority should be finding out what you’ll be using it for. What do you do? Do you need protection from hackers or to stream online? Just want to stay safe when browsing the web? Again, it’s up to you. A prominent factor as civil rights erode in the West and censorship rises, is the freedom to read whatever information sources you wish to evaluate without government interference – and to do things with anonymity.

The only factor when deciding on a mobile app is that it needs to work for the business. When you’re looking for an app, it is important to make sure it works for the devices and platforms that you’ll be using on your business.

If you want an internet security provider that unblocks Netflix and iPlayer, make sure to find one with unlimited bandwidth. And if you’re addicted to torrents, then be careful: make sure your VPN has P2P support, an effective kill switch for safe file transfers, and good customer service.

If you like streaming content on your laptop and smartphone, you should be aware that some VPN services only allow for one device per subscription. Find a multi-device solution instead.

One way to identify a good VPN is to look at their website. Some of the best (or worst) VPNs have well-written content that would be easy for you to understand and find help with in a crisis, giving you peace of mind when signing up for the service. Live chat is also important, though email support can also do a lot of things. With some providers, email support is prolific and quick, so use it to your advantage if you’re having an issue.

VPNs don’t vary much in price because they’re so simple, but that can make it hard to find what you want. Paying attention to features is a key way to stand out from the crowd and get a good deal. Though our list offers nice options for most people, there are always great deals for different people looking for certain things!

20 Best VPN Services in The World:

1. Pure VPN >Get PURE VPN here for $1.99/month>

I was honestly compelled to tip PURE VPN as the outright winner for a few reasons:

  • No Log keeping – US and EU VPN’s keep logs by law, which can screw you over,
  • Really fast and secure,
  • 6500 Servers in 140 countries – and you can watch Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, BBC and use Linkedin!
  • Superb client care. 
  • 31 Day Money Back Guarantee


Superior speed

ISP throttling can be conquered with PureVPN high-speed internet connections that provide unlimited bandwidth. This is achieved by supporting 10 Gbit connection speeds on all of their networks creating a powerful service that operates seamlessly and without interruption. With over 6500 servers globally in 140 countries, PureVPN is one of the oldest and most trusted service providers on the market. 

The service also supports up to 10 simultaneous connections to the same VPN which means that the whole family is offered the same protection at all times. It supports any devices from smartphones to Android or IOS operated TV’s whether it is for downloading, streaming or live content in HD. 

The service even provides an online VPN speed test tool. The tool allows users to select their location and purpose in order to find and connect to the fastest available server. Users have the option to configure their DNS servers manually and the PureVPN website provides a list of servers users can connect to depending on their desired purpose. For those unfamiliar with the process, an online tutorial is available for a variety of devices. 

Internet Privacy

Online activity is being tracked on a daily basis by government agencies, advertisers and ISPs’ in order to capitalize and use your private information as they see fit. This is done by methods like cookies, application permissions and location tracking amongst others. 

PureVPN keeps your online activity private by concealing your identity and assigning a shared IP address in order to block tracking to a specific individual. The service is not subject to any international surveillance alliances due to its headquarters being situated in Hong Kong.

The “Kill Switch” service is a unique offering that automatically disconnects your internet service should the VPN connection be terminated for any reason. This prevents for example cybercriminals from obtaining your personal IP address to use for exploitation and other criminal activities.

PureVPN is the first VPN service that introduced the “Always on Audit” feature, meaning that companies like KPMG can audit the service at any time without any notice. The audit found that PureVPN has a strong focus on customer security and privacy. The service does not save or store any data collected so there is no threat of private information being shared to third parties.

Internet Security

Cybercrime is on the rise with cybercriminals deploying various methods like phishing scams and malware programs. But there are so many more ways in which your online security and data can be compromised and cybercriminals are continually finding new ways in which to access unauthorized data.

PureVPN offers its customers secure and strong encryption via WireGuard, OpenVPN and IKEv2; DNS and IPv6 leak protection. In order to control the applications that are able to use the VPN, torrent support and split tunneling are used. The service has recently optimized its WireGuard support providing an online login screen with easy access to talk directly to a support team. 

Gamers can also feel rest assured as PureVPN provides protection against Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks by filtering incoming traffic through their anti-DDoS mitigation services. The service can combat serious DDoS attacks of 480Gbps, keeping the gaming environment fair with an unmatched gaming experience.

Internet Freedom

PureVPN provides internet users with the best experience available by continually updating software and launching innovative modes and functions. This enables users to choose their preferred mode for unmatched internet freedom.

Users are able to bypass internet restrictions and access content without the worry of censorship or content usually beyond their reach. This means that users can experience unrestricted access with unlimited browsing capabilities, while still being protected from monitoring agencies. 

For geo-restricted services like Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime, users are able to select a VPN server from a different country for instant access to even more content. For those interested in crypto trading, PureVPN allows users to gain access to unavailable crypto exchanges all the while concealing your IP address with masking and encryption.


2. Ivacy VPN

(Get Ivacy here for $1.19/month – up to 10 devices)

Ivacy VPN – let’s take a look at why this is our number 2 preference and why it is so highly recommended: Ivacy has great features to keep your identity protected, including unlimited server switching, smart purposes, and unrestricted data transfer.
These are all sentences from a paragraph with several topics throughout. Rewriting the above sentences without any changes still leaves the same meaning.

Server Switching:

Ivacy VPN has thousands of servers in over 100 locations around the world. This highly-skilled network gives you the flexibility to change your IP address as many times as you need. This is hugely beneficial when you’re engaging in tasks that need to be completed outside of your region, or if you want to access geo-restricted content without any restrictions.

Unlimited Data Transfer:

It’s difficult to manage a data exchange in the corporate world. But when you work with Ivacy VPN, your data is secure and you have complete freedom about what amount of information you share. That means that you can share as much information as you need without having to worry about file sizes–you’ll get what you need, and then some!

Data Traffic Prioritizing:

Ivacy VPN offers a split tunneling feature, so you can make sure that your most important data travels with the protection of a VPN.

Smart Configurations:

Ivacy VPN can help increase your internet speed and the VPN settings. You can choose between torrenting, TV watching, and maximum security. As such, you can rest assured that you are doing your Internet activities in full anonymity.

Identity Theft Protection:

Because of their military-grade protection and top-notch service, Ivacy VPN is a great way to browse the internet without having to worry about identity theft.

3. Express VPN

ExpressVPN reviews are great on the web. It’s an old favorite of mine that I regularly used across devices for years now. ExpressVPN keeps your digital activity secure from malicious software, giving you peace of mind. With its strong core features, it provides everything you need, with power and privacy for many people. More advanced features are added in time and the designs of their apps are consistent with user-friendliness and reliability.

ExpressVPN has the largest selection of locations. It offers over 160 servers in 94 countries with a total of 3,000 servers.

ExpressVPN has some of the best apps available. With support and tutorials for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire TV devices-you’re sure you’ll find something that meets your needs!

This plan doesn’t offer many connections. This can be a disadvantage if you need many simultaneous connections for your needs like other premium providers offer, but it likely does produce enough for most subscribers from the list of 1 in 10 VPN users who have more than five connections.

ExpressVPN is dedicated to the security and privacy of our users. We only use secure, internally developed encryption that’s private, open-source, and regularly investigated for weaknesses—in one word, encryption that can’t be cracked. We also feature strong kill switches you can turn off remotely or in conjunction with your device’s administrator settings. We’re constantly listening to our user feedback and incorporating it when necessary in order to keep consumers protected and their data safe.

ExpressVPN is incredibly easy to use. Its developers don’t make foolish mistakes, but rather clever workarounds that make the whole experience smoother.

ExpressVPN download speeds averaged at about 630Mbps in numerous tests, and that’s pretty good. That speed is consistent with the last two times it was tested, so the speed is looking fine here. In fact, other providers like TorGuard and Hide.Me have been delivering a little better than this, but Express is still fast enough for the vast majority of users. Now that Express has started rolling out servers with 40Gbps bandwidth limits, this will only get better.

If you want to unblock streaming services, it’s a good choice to use a VPN. ExpressVPN has been doing this for years now: successfully unblocking international Netflix catalogs, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer recently in expert tests. It seems like it will keep doing so for the foreseeable future.


4. Nord VPN

NordVPN is an excellent VPN service that offers exceptional value to users. It provides a super-fast connection and secure, private user browsing experience. It’s hard to argue with the performance NordVPN offers most users.

NordVPN offers customers up to 5,000+ servers. Because of this breadth and the lack of any connection limit, it’s the better choice for people looking to unblock content in more regions. Additionally, NordVPN has 94 international locations which are ideal for unblocking content without limitations on your usage.

NordVPN has apps for every major operating system, including iOS and Android devices, as well as browser extensions for Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. And with a compatible device, you’ll be able to use NordVPN on any machine with no additional installations required.

There’s no one more dedicated to the importance of privacy and security than NordVPN. As a result, it’s constantly giving its customers added protection and new features to keep them safe. It never forgets that its customers put faith in it, so it also conducts independent audits to ensure that its “no-logging” policy doesn’t put people at risk.

A good example of a VPN service is AirVPN. They optimize their protocols and offer AES encryption to ensure that all your data is protected. Plus, they also have great protections against malware with a secure kill switch and strict limitations on what downloads are scanned for malware.

A NordVPN custom version of WireGuard called NordLynx was designed for power and performance. The speeds during certain periods were up to 880Mbps on a single connection, with peaks at 955Mbps. That’s not the greatest, but it’s still a potent device – good enough for most devices and connections.

With their tons of great features and helpful customer support, NordVPN made it to this list. However, there are some small issues (like forgetting to include favorites on the app and sorting cities alphabetically) that keep us from giving them a perfect score.

After some iffy times, NordVPN is beginning to work right everywhere people are looking for help with getting around geo-restrictions that limit their access to certain apps and services.

NordVPN is known for its excellent security features, and here are a few of their most outstanding ones. They include strong DNS leak protection, tough-to-defeat system, and app-specific kill switches. They also support crypto as well as PayPal and cards on top of that!

NordVPN provides multiple customer support resources for you as a user. You can take advantage of in-depth tutorials, troubleshooting articles and live chat support to get help whenever you need it. However, NordVPN has a lot of intelligent interactive advice. For example, there’s an automated chatbot waiting to answer your questions 24/7, just to name one resource that is available around the clock.


5. IP Vanish VPN

US-based IPVanish is an advanced VPN provider that offers a lot of different features that you won’t find anywhere else.

IPVanish protects your privacy, identity and reputation on the web with a network of over 40,000 shared IPs and 2,000 servers in 75 data centers around the world.

IPVHaus has many advantages over other VPN services. One is that they own and manage their servers, they have full control of their network, and they are the only company to do so.

One way you can increase the amount of torrents successfully transferred through a VPN is by testing several different servers. Seeing which ones offer download speeds and reliability can have a big impact on your internet speed.

With a secure, user-friendly VPN that can be used on Apple devices as well as Linux, you’ll have no limits when it comes to the number of simultaneous devices you’re able to use your account on. This gives you more time for other activities such as work or school, because now you can connect with friends and family members without going over your bandwidth quota or view count.


6. Surfshark VPN

Most VPNs cost upwards of $7 or more per month. But you don’t have to pay too much to get a high-quality VPN service that your business can depend on. With Surfshark, you’ll save money while protecting yourself and your privacy.

With over 3,200 servers in 65+ countries and an extensive list of apps and clients, Surfshark is a great option for secure Internet connections. Currently, the service gives you access to the same number of devices as you would through a VPN.

Surfshark is the top choice for no-logs with secure protocols and a kill switch, which keeps your data safe even when you lose connectivity. It also protects you from malware, tracks, and adware with fully-automated “Powersave” mode, ensuring you have enough data to browse before it expires.

Speed: This router/Wi-Fi system is capable of achieving speeds up to 790 Mbps, which is nearly twice the speed of our runner-up pick–OpenVPN. Though it can be limiting when trying to connect Surfshark through third-party software.

Surfshark’s default Windows VPN app doesn’t sort cities alphabetically, but other apps are easy to use. Even if you’re not a tech expert, it’ll only take you a few minutes to figure out how different features work, so most people should be able to get started without any problems.

Surfshark offers a variety of settings that make your browsing experience easier. You can choose to use our browser settings, or you can use the browser setting that works best for you. Simply adjust and configure the browser settings based on how you want to use the VPN.

There are a lot of streaming services out there. And unfortunately, some of them block content from the US because they want to offer their own exclusive offerings. To make matters worse, many of those streams that were blocked were Netflix titles and shows that our family loved! Thankfully, we found Surfshark. It unblocked Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and iPlayer for us so that we could watch them again. But will Surfshark be able to unblock HBO Max or Hulu? We’ll have to keep testing it out to find out!

SurfShark has made it their mission to provide the best customer support for their users. They’ve created a robust help center with FAQs and detailed setup guides. In addition, they provide screenshots for every installation step. Plus, they’re always on hand to answer your questions about the app’s interface features.

At Live Chat Plus, you will never wait longer than a couple minutes for help. Our agents are highly-trained and their response time is great. Not only is our staff incredibly proficient, but they’re also kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. In fact, it’s been proven that we’re more accurate than you might expect!

The Surfshark monthly plan is more expensive than other services, but the value is far greater. Sign up for a two-year deal to get access to any of the included plans, and you’ll pay just over $2.50 per month – that’s an incredible value for what you get.


7. StrongVPN

One of the biggest features we have is their 60,000 VPN IP addresses and access to six different protocols for you to choose from. Your data speed will be best on the AES-256 protocol, which supports up to twelve devices that still have plenty of bandwidth left over. On the other hand, ExpressVPN only supports five connected devices at once.

As time goes on, it becomes clear that while StrongVPN is reliable and offers a competitive service, there are many areas where it isn’t performing as well as its leading peers. They don’t perform security audits. They also have long periods of time in-between mobile app updates. Other than this brief list, they have comparable speeds to and TorGuard in many tests.

Software developers know that nothing compares to an interface and experience as good as the real thing, especially when it comes to watching content. With StrongVPN’s experience, you’ll quickly notice how easy it is to unblock US Netflix and BBC iPlayer from anywhere. They also offer a Smart DNS service so you can always play your favorite video games, set-top boxes and smart TVs without any app downloads.

SugarSync is the perfect solution for personal or business cloud storage. Our many secure cloud storage solutions are geared to meet your needs. Along with a secure sync service, you’ll get 250GB of space when you go premium for $10 per month. On top of that, any subscription plan comes with 50GB in monthly upload quota as well!

Benefits of StrongVPN:

This service is completely different than others in that they don’t require you to share your personal web traffic data, like IP addresses and browsing history.

With a single subscription, you can now use up to 12 devices. This includes phone numbers — which is more than enough for a family or institution that has multiple devices, like a school.

StrongVPN offers the perfect solution for cloud computing. VPNs are a huge help when you’re streaming Netflix or anything else, because they make it possible to keep your internet speeds high.


If a StrongVPN server is in the United States, it will be subject to surveillance from the Five Eyes alliance; Nine Eyes alliance; and 14 Eyes alliance.

Mobile phones and tablets running on Android OS can only connect to public or private networks at one time.

Amazon reviews were given by users who may not be impartial to our brand, and they might not be the competitors that did this!


8. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost offers a variety of different features that you won’t find just anywhere, including interesting extras. They’ve been in the business for more than 10 years and are known for their trustworthiness and great reviews.

Their network of around 7,000-8,000 mostly torrent-friendly servers are spread across 90-odd countries. They also offer apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Amazon Fire TV and consoles other than their own on top of it (and they even have Smart DNS support).

The apps on CyberGhost provide a few handy features, one of them being the ability to connect automatically when you launch an app. Let’s say you launch your streaming service, and CyberGhost connects to the US server. Or if you launch your torrent client, CyberGhost could connect to the nearest server for maximum speed.
Sentence rewriter: Segmentation (request large chunks of text and return a list)

Windows VPN apps usually have a major drawback: they don’t show a notification every time they are connected to the network. If you’re not watching the app while it’s open, then you won’t know if it’s connecting or not.

CyberGhost is a fast and secure VPN provider that has speeds reaching up to 400Mbps. WireGuard connections topped out at 800Mbps in tests.

CyberGhost is a great VPN service that offers its customers unblockable access to over a dozen streaming apps, including US Netflix and other popular apps like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and more.

This service is a bit on the expensive side. But if you sign up for three years, you’ll see that it’s worth it when compared to other website builders and online marketing tools out there.

CyberGhost has its perks, but there’s risk involved. For starters, their site lacks helpful and detailed content when compared to competing VPNs and its lack of privacy credentials verification can be concerning.

As far as VPN services go, CyberGhost offers a combination of speed and performance with low pricing.


9. VPN

As an alternative to a VPN, is an excellent choice. This reliable service can unblock access to foreign content and enable streaming. With 2,000+ available servers in 75+ locations, you’ll enjoy fewer buffering problems while browsing the web on your mobile devices.

If you’re looking for a good VPN, Hide My Ass has many great features. For instance, the kill switch doesn’t just attempt to reconnect if your internet connection dies while the VPN is on. You could also run a specific script when it drops back to give you an email alert. The sky’s the limit!

The best part about using is its ability to offer customizations that allow you to make it work for you specifically. This includes technical tweaks and settings for improved speed, as well as custom options like ‘Bolt,’ which limits performance lag and increases connection speeds on Windows.

The answer to “Does this VPN service work?” is yes. offers a number of connections under 300Mbps and has seen no security issues in the UK and US tests it’s performed so far. OpenVPN on the other hand, offered speeds of 450-550Mbps which are two to three times faster than many other tested VPNs. is famous for its speed and performance. We were able to unblock Netflix and other streaming services like Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, and Disney Plus in the United Kingdom with their help (and without any buffering).


10. Norton Secure VPN

A little confession here: I grew up with Norton installed on all our computers. Now it comes as part of the subscription for Norton 360. With the Norton VPN inside the software or through a dedicated app, you’ll be able to use it with any device that connects to a network. Whether you do so from your computer or not doesn’t matter!

According to some users, it leaks your DNS and IP addresses. This can pose a problem for people whose goal is to protect their personal information.

Even though VPNs are blocked by many streaming services, it’s still a great privacy and security tool. It is used to bypass geo-blocking restrictions, so that you can gain access to Netflix from the US and other places around the world.

Never again prior to your security with the Norton VPN. We offer the fastest encryption and unmatched streaming performance in one simple package.

With the VPN, you can access Netflix and Hulu just as locals do. The servers in this VPN also make it easy to acquire an IP address with a service like theirs.

11. Astrill VPN

If you’re in China and looking for a VPN, Astrill offers an affordable option. The VPN is expensive but it also allows you to bypass internet censorship and stream US Netflix. If you’re looking for something basic, cheaper options are available.

VPN providers can lead to some drawbacks, which is why it’s important that they keep your information safe and only log usage while you’re actually connected.

Astrill needs a few pieces of information so that it can set up the right number of devices. This data is small in size and can take care of itself by design.

Astrill is a VPN service that protects people’s private data. Astrill tracks the total number of bytes transferred for maintenance reasons. Such information is not personally identifiable and offers no threat to your privacy.


12. VPN Area

VPNArea has a strong no-logs privacy policy, includes tools to help bypass censorship, and offers great features for streaming. It unblocks Netflix and it works on Fire TV Stick. On the downside, there are some issues with their apps. However, overall they’re a very good VPN.

VPNArea is the perfect VPN if you want quick and secure access to streaming, torrenting, and bypassing censorship. VPNArea offers faster server speeds than most other VPNs on the market.

VPNArea works hard to make sure your security is top-notch, with a reasonable membership rate and commitment to customer service. They offer powerful features like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and AES-256 encryption.

You can get your security and peace of mind for real-time Wi-Fi monitoring from VPNArea with a monthly or quarterly subscription, or a one-time fee, for just $3.21/ month for two years. You can also opt for the 6-month offer on a monthly contract for only $4.31 if you don’t want to be bound by auto-renewal. With a 30 day money-back guarantee, there’s no risk when trying out the service through VPNArea.

Our service allows you to unblock US Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ for your clients.

13. TorGuard VPN

TorGuard VPN has a strong no-logs policy, kill switch, and P2P support. TorGuard has apps on devices like the Windows and Fire TV operating systems, but it doesn’t offer a lot of streaming IP options. Its slower speeds might not be ideal for online streamers either.

The VPN service is based in the United States, which means that your usage logs could be shared with government agencies in the US and UK.

14. Bitdefender VPN

There are plenty of reasons to use a VPN. We’ll help you decide which one is right for your needs, but the safety and convenience make their prices worth it! The company is based in Hong Kong, so you’re never at risk of someone trying to monitor your every move. Plus, they have affordable monthly plans with features like unlimited bandwidth, restricted access, and multi-device support. It’s definitely worth it!

What is the cost of Bitdefender VPN?

Bitdefender provides a VPN as part of its growing family of security products. Currently, there is a subscription for Bitdefender Premium VPN at the low price of $6.99 per month. This is a solid deal and lower than most other VPNs in the market, and there are still cheaper options out there! A subscription to Mozilla Voice costs $4.99 per month, while Mullvad VPN is our Editor’s Choice winner and is also available for €5 (about $6.09) per month. Alternatively, you can get Bitdefender Premium VPN at a discount when you buy Bitdefender security suites or purchase the Bitdefender Premium Security bundle which includes both Bitdefender Total Security and Bitdefender Premium VPN.


15. IVPN

IVPN has tons of high-quality features, including in both its desktop and mobile clients for Windows and Apple systems. Plus, the WireGuard protocol is very fast and tested connections are stable regardless of device or system.

If what you’re looking for is unblocking streaming sites whenever you want and a service that’s easier on your wallet, ExpressVPN is the better option. IVPN only offers premium services, while ExpressVPN provides a great list of perks in addition to their affordability.

IVPN is a bit less well-known than some other VPNs, but many would say it’s worth a try if security and anonymity are your only concerns.


16. Proton VPN

Sometimes free isn’t as good as it sounds, due to adverts and other issues. But let’s be fair here: how then do we expect VPN’s to be monetized? The free version of Proton VPN is worth using, but you’re going to have a bit of a worse experience than with the paid version. Your data and information are protected and user requests will be fulfilled within minutes, but there’s no unlimited usage so that won’t work with Netflix or torrenting.

Proton VPN offers a wide range of features and choices for every user. It has a no-logging policy and a secure kill switch, which lets the user know when data is encrypted in case something goes wrong. In addition, it includes perfect forward secrecy, full-disk encryption, and leak protection. The service also uses VPN Accelerators and ad blockers like you would expect from a great VPN service. Most importantly, though, is that Proton VPN offers an unlimited 30-day money back guarantee.


17. AVG Secure VPN

At the end of the day, which VPN should you use? It’ll be different for every person. That’s why there are so many options on the market! For starters, check out AVG’s software and services- they provide fast download speeds and are also compatible with US Netflix. If you already use their antivirus software, then I recommend using AVG’s VPN service as well. But if not, consider other options as well. In conclusion: The positive aspects don’t outweigh the negatives.

You can try these features out for 7 days before committing by using the trial package. That’s right, you get a fully functional website without having to worry about anything too crazy.

If you want to continue using our VPN service after the trial ends, it’s going to cost you $59.88 per year.

As you might already know, AVG antivirus has a price list. Otherwise, alternatives tend to have faster speeds and provide better customer support, in addition to having larger server networks.


18. Atlas VPN

If you’re looking for a good VPN that’s easy to use, fast, and even supports torrent downloads, Atlas is worth giving a try. The free version is one of the best tested, it’s user-friendly, and it’s safe to use. If you want some extra speed or want to watch Netflix rather than torrents, you’d want to check out their premium plan.

For their new Premium VPN subscribers, Atlas VPN offers streaming-optimized servers in 12 countries. Although they claim that they’re “tuned to tackle buffering, lags, and other issues,” I found that the features and functionality are actually identical to the other servers offered.

Perhaps in the future Atlas will have some potential – there are parts of the world where they’re gaining momentum so watch this space.


19. Avast VPN

Avast SecureLine VPN isn’t perfect, but it does offer some good speeds. The basic level of security is also surprisingly strong.

Avast VPN has made some great strides and improvements, including improving stability and adding new features. The team should take care to ensure that the app works with more streaming services and fixes any strange loading problems.

If you’re just getting started with IT, this tool will be a great place to start your journey. But if you need an advanced VPN solution, Avast SecureLine isn’t exactly what you’ll want.

The biggest downside here, is the EU. It is based in Europe and that is a problem for privacy in the deplorable “single market”. In order to provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes with using a trusted VPN, we may have to compromise on privacy.

Avast SecureLine is famous for its security services. But, any app that would log too much of your user data and also block an unacceptable number of streaming websites isn’t worth the money it costs to use. There are far better and cheaper VPNs available on the market than this app.


20. Windscribe VPN

Location is the issue with this VPN. We can’t recommend Windscribe because they don’t offer multiple layers of encryption. Besides, what you’re doing is smart, but the government would be able to pierce the VPN if they wanted to: it is based in Canada. Anyone trusting the Canadian government with their digital freedom? I Don’t think so!

Windscribe offers both a paid and free subscription plan for their VPN. The paid version is our favorite, but you need to subscribe to get the full benefits of the service. One way Windscribe has managed to make a great product even better is by including a new type of access in its Pro plan – secure snapshot functionality. With this option enabled, if you find yourself without an Internet connection due to some type of tech failure, you can still access your secure data through the snapshots on your phone.

We’ve tested Windscribe for the most accurate information possible. So, no more guessing: we had a free account, and we put paid one to the test!

Windscribe is an excellent VPN service with a large server network and a selection of apps for operating systems. It allows unlimited data usage and simultaneous connections, without any limits. Canada is not the right place for any VPN service to operate from, sorry.


There are several other VPN’s to watch on the horizon:

Privado VPN

The Privado service offers users a high level of protection and privacy. They are based in Switzerland and employ AES-256 encryption, openVPN, and the WireGuard protocol.
Now the problem here, is Switzerland. Recently, when it came to seizing foreign assets and implementing sanctions, this once “neutral” country jumped the fence and burned those who trusted them. Dare I raise the question, would you trust Switzerland with your internet freedom? Probably not.

Our VPN service offers P2P-friendly servers with fast download speeds. The technology also has a kill switch that pauses your internet connection if there’s a loss of packets or the VPN connection gets disconnected.

Privado offers two tiers of service, the premium package for US websites only, and the free version which allows you to stream from 10 sites worldwide.

With the free, basic service offered by PrivadoVPN, web browsing can be private and secure. On top of this, the free service includes IP address protection and geographical restrictions. However, when it comes to paid service, you won’t find it in our list.


The world we live in today poses a few unique challenges. For example, DDOS attacks are on the rise, cybersecurity spending is up for both governments and the private sector. It is also bitterly divided in the West to begin with, and also between East and West. Privacy and Security are key concerns.

Just like in the case of tax planning, it depends where you are – so is it with VPN selection. Where are you? Why do you need a VPN and so forth. If you live in the U.S. & Europe you probably want a VPN in Hong Kong and that’s why PURE VPN is great, as it’s super fast and reliable on top of being in the right place. But if you live in China, or some country too closely aligned with it – then perhaps Singapore is better, hence we also suggest IVACY VPN.

Finally, when you pick a VPN and read reviews, you’ll see a lot of pot shotting going on between providers pointing out features. All you want really, is to be able to do things on the web fast, secure and anonymous. You also want your favorite sites to work in any country. Be wary of those VPN’s in the US and Europe if you’re from there – and the same for Asia, if you’re from there: get one in a country far from home that is not geopolitically aligned with your government.