Best Practices for Accounting Firms: Project Workflow Management

Ever wondered how to keep up with of all your project work during Tax Season? This article will explain how

Tax season is about to begin and every accounting firm is getting ready for the rapid flow of work. Are you ready? Do you have the right accounting practice management software to manage the innumerable clients and high volume of work during the tax season? It’s not too early to start preparing for the coming tax season.

The challenges of the tax season

With many clients to deal with and so many projects to run at the same time, with more flowing in continuously, it is easy to have many delays and for some projects to slip through the cracks. The hard-earned customers can be upset if their projects are delayed or documents are misplaced. Some of the problems that accountants face are:

Too much paperwork

Old and new clients bring a lot of paperwork. How to file the papers securely and access them easily is one of the biggest challenges for an accounting firm.

Staying organized

An accounting firm makes every effort to bring in more clients in order to grow. This brings in large challenges such as staying organized and coordinated, workflow routing and keeping track of documents and projects.

Work overwhelm

With so many clients to deal with, every accounting firm requires staff members who are organized and efficient. Unfortunately, the work can be overwhelming even for the best workers.

Communicating is difficult

It can be difficult to remember to communicate with clients and other staff members when it’s necessary. Poor communication causes delays and even a crisis.

Firm360 – an all-in-one solution

Firm360 is an all-in-one cloud-based accounting practice management software that will make any accounting firm efficient and profitable. It helps with document management, workflow routing, workflow management, client relationship management and time tracking. Executives can access the cloud-based platform from anywhere in the world and keep track of progress. In a nutshell, Firm360 removes all the challenges that the accounting firm generally face during tax season

Document management

Document management is critical to the success of an accounting firm because loss of sensitive client documents can lead to a crisis. Luckily, Firm360 enables stakeholders to upload, view, edit and store document in a secure cloud environment. When traveling, documents can be accessed 24/7 through the computer, phone or tablet. Clients and staff can collaborate on the documents for faster turnaround.

Workflow routing

Dealing with too many projects and too many customers can take the workload out of control and create several crises during the tax season. Allocating work and keeping track of it can be a problem. Fortunately, Firm360 makes workflow management and time tracking easy, with efficient workflow routing to various team members

Firm 360 is an automated cloud-based workflow management solution that every accounting firm needs in order to gain control of the practice and stay on top of the workload. When you start using it, it enables your firm to automate the practice and improve efficiency. Efficiency will result in cost-savings, reduce stress and create job satisfaction for you and your staff.

Automatic notification of work

When a new project is assigned, the relevant staff member automatically receives notification of the new project. No staff member is ever surprised by a job because they are all aware when new work arrives on their desk.

Client relationship management

You can store, organize and access customer information on Firm360. Understanding the needs of the customers is easier and communication and follow-up are improved. This creates great customer experience and customers are sure to come back.

How does Firm360 benefit an accounting practice?

Automating your workflow management will benefit the accounting firm in a number of ways such as:

Full visibility of projects

Everything that is in the workflow stays visible and you can determine the status of all the projects. Basically, you eliminate surprises because staff can see what is due and prioritize it, you can see which staff members are struggling and address the problems early, and managers can see what is almost due and send reminders to relevant staff members. With Firm360 accounting software, you never get into crisis mode because you keep track of every project and take actions that ensure that you meet your deadlines. The document management features are unique world-class options that makes life easier.


With everything visible, managers and staff prioritize jobs and solve impending problems before they even happen. Even new staff members are easily brought up to speed with automated workflow management. The result is efficiency of production which result in happier clients and assured repeat purchases in the next tax season. Profitability and growth of the accounting practice are assured.

This article was created in collaboration with Firm 360