7 Best Lightroom Presets To Download Right Now

Social media influencers and photographers use Adobe Lightroom presets in order to speed up the editing process and create a look and feel to images that are indicative of their own unique style. Below we explore a list of the top 7 places to go to find the best quality presets for download and use.

As a social media influencer or user, the ability to edit and share images fast is key to keeping content fresh especially for those with large audiences. 

There are thousands of free pr paid Lightroom presets available for download, but not all are created equal. So, where can you find the most popular and best presets available for social media influencers and photographers alike?

7 Of The Best Lightroom Presets

     1. SiteTrail ($49) 

SiteTrail offers a complete “Premium Lightroom Preset Bundle” that will cover almost any category you can think of. The kit offers over 2000 categories including weddings, nature, sunset, vintage,  portraiture, fashion and more.

In just a few clicks, the SiteTrail preset bundle can be downloaded and will provide you with all of the presets you will ever need. Expensive professional Photoshop designers or image editors can be avoided by making use of the expertly designed presets available in the kit.

It’s a great price for the volume of Lightroom presets you will receive.

     2. Northlandscapes ($65)

Created by Jan Erik Waider, the collection contains 8 preset packs which are specifically designed for landscape and travel photography.

It includes presets for; drone photography, polar landscapes, dramatic lightning and many more. Landscape and travel photos will never look the same again with the beautiful and subtle options available.

     3.KatherineDream on Etsy ($3)

One of the most popular presets to download is the “Golden Hour” preset. There are many variations available, but the preset pack from KatherineDream is one of the bestsellers on Etsy. The pack includes 15 presets to create the perfect just after sunrise or before sunset images.

The preset bundle is affordable, but will only achieve a very specific look. It is however one of the best “Golden Hour” presets available as seen from the 5 star rating from users who have downloaded and used it.

     4. Filtergrade ($38)

The Filtergrade “All in One” preset bundle includes over 90 presets for mobile and desktop use. Categories cover food, portrait, landscape and many more. The price depends on which license type is chosen, but the recommended “commercial” license will cost you $38.

     5. Visual Flow ($110)

The “Crush” Lightroom preset pack is all about creating bold and vivid effects to images under any lighting conditions. The pack consists of 10 presets and works beautifully for portraiture, whether it is wedding, family, travel or commercial photos.

An additional retouching feature can also be purchased to create flawless skin, dramatic effects and scene enhancements.

     6. Envato Elements ($16,50 per month subscription)

“The Editorial Collection” by Envato Elements is all about giving images that professional magazine cover look you would see on Vogue or GQ magazines. The bundle includes 13 editorial presets which will enhance and transform photos to make them stand out.

     7. Fix the Photo ($67,50)

The “Dark Collection” from Fix the Photo has 45 presets to enhance portrait photography. It creates a moody modern tone to images for those who like a more dramatic look. 

Where vintage used to be, these days more contemporary downtown metropolis looks are becoming more popular and this collection can definitely help you to achieve this modern look.


As mentioned, Lightroom presets are a must for anyone serious about sharing the best possible images on social media. 

It is important to have an idea of what look and feel the images need to convey. This will depend on the type of images you are taking for example travel, product or portrait. It will also depend on the type of brands you are trying to attract and whether your aesthetic fits in with theirs.

Most importantly, presets should cut the editing time significantly. A one click apply with a couple of adjustments needed should be an indication of a great designed preset. The above list can be used to find the best Lightroom presets currently available.