Best Insurance Brokers In The US

In a world where insurance is a simple necessity that we all require, insurance brokers play a pivotal role in finding the optimal coverage for their clients at a reasonable price. However, not all insurance brokers are created equal, and as a result of the increasingly convoluted nature of the internet, it is becoming more and more difficult for consumers to discover the true best insurance brokers in the US.

We have undertaken deep research into this subject in order to uncover and reveal who these insurance brokers are to the general public. Our extensive assessment process is the culmination of a nonpartisan analysis of thousands of independent reviews, testimonies, and first-hand examinations of each broker – so that we are confidently able to provide you with nothing but the absolute best.

Review methodology: while conducting this comprehensive review, our team was careful to holistically weigh up a number of factors that make a great insurance broker. In particular, the most important qualities featured in our analysis of these brokers include their reputation, pricing, customer support, geographical accessibility, and technical expertise. Greater weight was given to the factors of pricing and customer support, as these were largely responsible for clients switching to one brokerage from another

Without any further ado, the profound research of our review team has revealed the following (ranked in no particular order) companies to be the top insurance brokers in the United States.

1.Hub International Limited

Formed in 1998 through the merging of several smaller insurance brokerages, Hub International Limited quickly grew to acquire in excess of 42 brokerages and expanded across the nation. However this insurance broker has not earned its place on this list due to its size alone, but its customer-facing values. In particular, Hub International is known for its five core principles: accountability, entrepreneurship, integrity, service, and teamwork. 

Naturally, such a leading, customer-focused US insurance broker is the recipient of many glowing reviews: a number of its branches even exhibit an average of over 4.9 stars. One of the clients of their Los Angeles branch, Ingle Everett, even went so far as to say that “they took care of [her needs] completely by doing everything for [her]”. It has been headed by CEO Mark Cohen since 2018 – with excellent reviews ever since. 

2. Brown & Brown Inc.

Drawing on over 80 years of experience successfully providing unique solutions to their clients, Brown & Brown Inc has earned a place on this list due to the utilization of its individual perspective toward insurance. Principally, its disciplined and innovative culture permits it to provide exceptionally customer-focused solutions to its clients. 

Paul Berube, a client of Brown & Brown’s Florida branch, stated that in his search for builders risk insurance for his home build, “[he] called two other agencies and could only find very overpriced [policies] for a longer term than [he] needed without [the] ability to cancel”. After calling Brown and Brown, who quickly “came through with a solution”, he described them as “good people [that he] will use again”. CEO J Powell Brown had directed the brokerage since 2009 – with awesome reviews.

3. GNP Brokerage

Since the brokerage’s founding in 1991 by its current CEO and President Chaim Goldberger, GNP has exhibited consistent, stable growth and considerably expanded its clientele. Owing to the dedication of its trained team of professionals to customer satisfaction above all, this brokerage has received a number of distinguished awards and many loyal customers.

A recent client of GNP, Joel Reich, recently went as far as saying that “GNP has the expertise that no others have. The service and caring that they provide is not available in today’s business climate”.

4. AssuredPartners

Award-winning insurance broker AssuredPartners is one of the fastest-growing in the business. Client reviews are excellent across the board. Despite only being founded in 2011, it has already achieved the title of 11th largest U.S. insurance broker according to Business Insurance in 2021. This commercial success is largely due to the company’s ‘great talent’, which CEO Jim Henderson believes is AP’s greatest strength since it allows them to foster relationships with their clients and offer them unrivaled protection.

As one client of their Florida branch, Mark Dunham, stated in his review when his homeowners’ insurance increased over 400% in a year, “[AssuredPartners] quickly shopped different companies and within days found insurance equal to [his] current coverage for less”. Mark continued that “[AssuredPartners] returned [his] calls promptly, communicated through text & email, and 24 hours after [he] agreed to the policy, it was done”

5. NFP Corp.

NFP Corp established its esteemed reputation as a leading insurance broker in the U.S. as a result of continued client satisfaction. Moreover, this success can be explained by the company’s continued commitment to prioritizing its clients, and its lasting relationships with insurance providers. Both of these amalgamate to allow NFP to offer clients unique solutions across the U.S.

According to a statement by client Mark Pafitis, which typifies the reviews NFP is accustomed to receiving, Mark “had a great experience, was in good hands and a great policy that fulfilled all [his] needs”. Douglas W Hammond has played a large role in NFP’s success, having directed the company as its CEO since 2013. NFP reviews indicate a high level of customer satisfaction. 

6. United Western Insurance Brokers

This brokerage scored highly in our reviews for its fusion of traditional values and modern tools. This is largely due to CEO Dana Coates’s family roots in the insurance business, which date back to as early as 1918. United Western draws and maintains that customer satisfaction is one of its key goals.

One client, Johnny Schaefer stated in his review that “you want your insurance agent to be knowledgeable, organized, responsive, proficient, personable, and have a variety of options in a competitive and ever-changing market … [and that] United Western Insurance checks off all these boxes and more”.

7. Miami Insurance Brokers

With over thirty years of experience in the industry, Miami Insurance Brokers has been able to spread its branches across the U.S. as a result of its dedication to serving its customers’ needs and commitment to conserving long-standing relationships since Daniel Feigenbaum took over as its CEO.

Jesica Martinez, a recent client, stated that she “had the best experience with [Miami Insurance Brokers]”, going on to say that “[they] really care about what I needed and looking for the best price for [her], even checking up after [her] safety when weather is super bad [and that it was the] best experience ever”.

8. JAB Insurance Brokers, Inc

JAB Insurance Brokers gained particular notice from our review team because of its ambition to not only provide its clients with the most competitive insurance rates but also educate clients so that they are able to understand their coverage more comprehensively. John Bigham, the company’s CEO, has cultivated JAB’s success since 2011.

One client, Damian Larkin, described JAB Insurance Brokers as providing “top-notch service [as] not only did [they] save [him] money but [they] made sure the process of quoting and switching insurance carriers was both easy and flawless from the client side”. Damian added that JAB “reached out to multiple companies to ensure that [he] got the right coverage for the best rates [and that he] won’t be going anywhere else for [his] insurance needs from now on”.

9. USA Insurance Brokers, LLC

USA Insurance Brokers LLC’s origins date back as early as 1942. Since its founding, the brokerage has garnered significant notoriety for its competitive rates of insurance and friendly customer service. Richard E. Reid has worked as the brokerage’s CEO since 1988.

In a recent testimonial, a client of USA Insurance Brokers, Stacy Schweiger stated that the company was “awesome to work with and very professional … [they provided] top-notch service and top-notch individuals to do business with”. Additionally, she continued “it has been [her] experience that going above and beyond is the norm for Randy and his team”.

10. North Bay Insurance Brokers

North Bay Insurance Brokers has proven its ability to deliver excellence in the field of insurance with its CEO TOny Schmoll at the head since 1996.

As if to illustrate this, one of North Bay’s clients, Cindy Homen, published this glowing review. “I have worked with North Bay Insurance for over 28 years for my personal insurance needs as well as providing coverage for the numerous companies I have managed over the years; including my own. They are always professional and courteous and have provided significant savings over other agencies with better coverage. Hands down my go-to broker for all my insurance needs”.

Closing Thoughts

Since insurance is necessary for everyone from all walks of life, close attention to detail is required to ensure you acquire the optimal coverage for your needs. One of the best methods of doing this is hiring a reputable and trusted insurance broker, such as those this investigation has revealed, to hunt down the best policies for you. There is no doubt a wealth of information on the web with so much analysis when comparing insurance providers, for example you will find a lot of information about Otto Insurance, Cure Auto Insurance, Amax Insurance, Estrella Insurance. The above list is very dynamic and will be under constant review.

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