Battery Charger Ics Market Key Manufacturers and Global Industry Analysis

Battery Charger Ics Market

Battery Charger Ics Market is the process by which electromagnetic induction provides electricity to a portable gadget. Wireless charging is now available on a variety of products, including electric toothbrushes, power tools, smartwatches, smartphones, and tablets. Energy is given by a wireless coupling to the charging apparatus, which is situated close to the charging station. In the upcoming years, wireless charging is expected to experience a sharp increase in popularity. Through electromagnetic induction, it powers portable devices. Wireless charging is used by electric toothbrushes, vehicles, power equipment, and medical devices. When placed close to a charging station or Wireless pad, the portable equipment does not need to be perfectly aligned or make electrical contact with a dock or socket.

The name “wireless charging” refers to the method of energy transmission that involves wireless coupling. Alternating current is initially run through an induction coil in the charging station or pad. The amplitude of the electric current determines the strength of the magnetic field produced by a moving electric charge. The fluctuating magnetic field creates an alternating electric current in the portable device’s induction coil, which is then rectified into direct current. Low power and high power wireless charging applications are separated into these categories. Low-power applications, which charge at power levels below 100 watts, are frequently supported by small consumer electronic devices like mobile phones, handheld gadgets, some PCs, and similar devices.

The AC utility frequency of 50 or 60 Hertz is commonly utilized. Wireless charging of batteries at power levels greater than 1 kilowatt is known as high-power Wireless charging. Wireless charging provides an automated and cordless alternative to plug-in charging for electric vehicles, which is the most common application area for high-power wireless charging. These devices can have power levels ranging from 1 kilowatt to 300 kilowatts or more. Resonant primary and secondary coils are used in all high-power Wireless charging systems. These systems operate at frequencies up to 130 kHz in the longwave spectrum. The use of short wave frequencies can improve the efficiency and scale of the system, but it will eventually send the signal all over the world. Electromagnetic compatibility and radio frequency interference are concerns with high powers.

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Global Battery Charger Ics Market: Major Players
New Japan Radio (NJR)
Texas Instruments
Richtek Technology
Integrated Device Technology (IDT)
Analog Devices (Linear Technology)
Samsung Electronics
Cypress Semiconductor

Global Battery Charger Ics Market: Types
Li-ion Charger Ics
Super Capacitor Charger Ics
Lead Acid Charger Ics

Global Battery Charger Ics Market: Applications
Consumer Electronics
Power Industry

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