Author: Nelson Alves


Tesla Sued over a Lethal Car Crash since it Burst into Flames

The parents of a Florida teenager who was killed in an unfortunate Telsa sedan crash caught fire last year and Tesla is being sued since they alleged that the battery pack on its electric Model S was defective and could burst into intense fires. Edgar Monserratt and Esperanza Martinez de Monserratt, in the lawsuit which was

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Tencent Might Bid for Nexon

Chinese gaming giant, Tencent Holdings has been considering to bid for the holding company which controls the South Korean gaming company Nexon. This was revealed to Reuters by two sources which had apt knowledge regarding the matter. The sources added- Tencent has been looking to enlist their co-investors. The private equity firms have been studying the options which

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Avi Ben Ezra explains how RPA can help businesses worldwide

Avi Ben Ezra, the CTO of SnatchBot recently released a guide on RPA. Extracts from the guide were adopted to produce the following on RPA: Many tools are made available by robotic process automation and this can provide businesses with a wide variety of benefits compared to other available systems. Every effort is made to

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Cybersecurity: How safe is solaborate, made in China?

Solaborate sells devices that are produced in China. The Hello2 device from Solaborate, is bigger than many Huawei devices. We know that in the case of Huawei – devices have been banned by many US government agencies due to security concerns. So what makes other devices manufactured in China any different? The Hello2 from Solaborate,

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Experts: 2019 attracts peak demand for cybersecurity recruitment and services

With global tensions on the rise, the U.S. needs to protect itself from various national security threats which could target our security forces and even election results. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report outlining key cybersecurity challenges, along with various proposed steps to be taken for risk reduction and management. Since technology and connectivity has permeated

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The future Dyson plant in Asia

Dyson is pivoting to Asia

James Dyson is moving the headquarters of his business to Singapore. This comes as a shock to many, who expected BREXIT backers to keep their businesses in Britain – but analysts say these fears are overblown.  The move has nothing to do with Britain and the European Union: It is about where Dyson’s customers are

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ByteDance to Launch Video Chat App, Tencent Competitor

China’s ByteDance Technology has unveiled a new video messaging app which will be called “Duoshan”. This is a move that the analysts say would see the company muscling into a space that has been dominated by Tencent’s WeChat messenger. ByteDance is considered to be one of China’s fastest growing startups and it owns the country’s leading

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Intel in the Search for A New CEO

Intel Corp. has been trying hard to fill their most prominent role in the $400-billion chip industry for more than six months. But the company’s board still hasn’t found what they have been looking for. according to people who are familiar with the process, The directors at Intel have ruled out some candidates for the

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