Asthma and air pollution: mounting evidence about the environment

Air pollution can cause asthma – and the evidence is mounting


A recently conducted study has mapped various parts of the US which were suspected of having strong connections between childhood asthma and traffic-related air pollution. In this study it has been discovered that Denver and the surrounding counties have a high level of traffic-related air pollution. According to available statistics there are several harmful chemicals in traffic-related air pollution. This includes things such as ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and other harmful particles. All of these things are known to substantially increase the risk of asthma. It was especially those in residential homes which were in close vicinity to major roadways that showed a higher presence of asthma. This is something which responsible parents should consider when they make a decision on where to purchase property. There are also technologies which can be used to seal windows and doors and there is also highly effective purifiers and air filters which can protect families.

This situation will only get worse unless radical change comes about


Because of climate change temperatures are rising slowly but surely. There is also an increasing global population. The majority of vehicles on public roads are still running on fuel which leads to harmful emissions. When one considers that many countries simply do not have access to clean fuels then this situation becomes even more troubling. There are many people who do not have access to modern technologies and therefore they are still using lamps and stoves which will require fuels such as kerosene to work. This is decreasing the amount of clean air which can be inhaled. Over 90% of the global population is now breathing polluted air. According to available statistics polluted air results in over 7 million deaths every year. Statistics show that air pollution is extremely detrimental to human health. Because of evolution more people are having strokes. It is also causing increases in lung cancer and heart disease. The effects of air pollution are considered to be currently just as bad as tobacco smoking. Eating too much salt can be detrimental to human health but the effects of air pollution are significantly worse.

You cannot escape air pollution


Air pollution is in the air all around us and it will impact the poor and the rich indiscriminately. There is simply no way to escape all of that pollution. There are millions of particles of microscopic pollutants which cannot be detected by the natural defenses of the body. In this way, harmful pollution will find its way into our bloodstream and also into our respiratory system. From there air pollution will proceed to cause damage to the brain, lungs, and heart. Many studies have been done which has proven that climate change and air pollution is closely linked. One of the primary reasons for the escalation of climate change is our fossil fuel combustion. This is also one of the primary reasons why there is so much air pollution. It has already been suggested by elements in the UN that everything possible must be done to stop using coal-fired electricity. If this is not accomplished as soon as possible the planet might see a serious climate crisis in 20 years or less. It is entirely possible to save 1 million lives a year by 2050 if we succeed in the reduction of air pollution. There is also financial motivation for doing something about air pollution. In countries where air pollution is problematic as much as 4% of GDP is spent on treating people who have been impacted by air pollution. There are many similar statistics and like CSI say the evidence does not lie.

Many people are suffering


Besides the financial cost of air pollution, there is also the very real human suffering of people with severe lung problems who are lying in our hospitals. When one calculates the cost of treating people who have been affected by air pollution then one comes to an obvious conclusion. There are many benefits when we make the decision to make use of cleaner and more sustainable choices as far as our national energy supply is concerned. We should also focus on food systems and transport. You cannot judge a book by its cover. Likewise, just because the air appears to be clean does not mean that there is no pollution. In numerous global cities, studies have discovered toxic pollutants mixed with oxygen which is exceeding safe levels which have been suggested by the WHO. There are already several initiatives which have been launched by the WHO to combat air pollution. Everything possible is done to make people more aware of the health-related risks when polluted air is inhaled. People are also educated about what exactly needs to be done to prevent air pollution.