Artiplanto brings “art” into Artificial Greenery

Artificial Greenery

Recently the founders of Artiplanto explained how their unique range differs from that of Ikea and other Amazon brands, along with much talk about it’s European expansion. This comes as the California governor has called for drastic cuts in water consumption and all homes, from luxury to the most basic, have to cut back on watering their gardens.

Located in Montreal and New York with recent expansions into the European market, Artiplanto has been bringing high quality artificial plants to the world for the last two years. Having been featured in Business Insider, Apartment Therapy and Women’s Health among other publications, this home decor company specializes in providing artificial plants as a solution to those who do not have the time, means or resources to maintain real plants.

The popularity of ArtiPlanto surged since the company first started in 2019 and the product range on offer has expanded to include baskets and planters as well as vintage rugs made from linen and wool. Initially supplying top interior designers in the same league as Arthur Casas, Brad Ford and Bunny Williams with artificial greenery, the business model has expanded to cut out the middleman, bringing the joy of green directly to the customer.

Premium Greens

Deceptively realistic, a wide range of faux plants and silk flowers have been made available to customers. Shoppers are spoiled for choice with the selection extending from birds of paradise to foot monstera plants and cacti, and everything in between. Various size options are available and range from tabletop plants to options well over 10 feet. A wide selection of artificial boxwood topiaries provides playful and classy decorating options, with the likes of Natalie and Julia of Spaces Collective saying: “Your plants are far and beyond the best artificial ones ever seen!!”

The motivation behind providing such an extensive and realistic range can be found in the experience ArtiPlanto founder had: “I was in the market to buy a few premium artificial plants, that would be eight foot tall and that would look great, and to my surprise I could not find one, regardless the price point.” ArtiPlanto would quickly fill the gap in the market for high-quality realistic-looking artificial plants. The company’s popularity surged and within two years ArtiPlanto ventured onto European shores and into the German market.

Plants by Design

A range of interior design practices call for the inclusion of plantlife, especially those hinging on Japanese interior design principles. Bringing nature indoors is not always possible when using live plants. Apart from problems pertaining to watering, live plants may receive too little sunlight and subsequently turn sick or die. Some areas in the home or office are simply too dark for live plants to flourish, which is why interior designers often use a mix of live and faux plants to bring nature indoors.

In the world of interior design a simple plastic planter will not do. Japandi, for instance, is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design principles. This minimalist approach encourages the use of natural materials and muted, neutral colours. Cement, bamboo and brass planters are favoured when applying this design principle and the folks at ArtiPlanto ensured they had their bases covered with a variety of planters, baskets and vases customers can pair their favorite artificial foliage with planters of their choice.

When it comes to rugs the vintage-styled attracted quite a fanbase. Jade Brittany said: “I am extremely impressed. I am so happy. I really wasn’t sure because the price is so good but they are so comfortable. It’s hard for me to explain, you’re just going to have to take my word for it.”

ArtiPlanto explains on their website that they do not work with middlemen. This enables them to keep the price at a reasonable point. Many rug websites and stores are resellers, which means import duties and taxes will undoubtedly impact the price the end consumer pays.

Passionate about Plants

“We’re just as passionate about real plants and trees. We want to do our part. That’s why we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted,” a spokesperson for the organization stated. The environmental charity has planted thousands of trees in Africa, Canada, Asia, Europe and the Pacific in an attempt to combat deforestation and climate change.

“We provide expert advice, and we work with designers on the type of plants we have, where they can go,” a spokesperson for ArtiPlanto stated, confidently inviting the eyes of the world, “Our plants speak for themselves!”

Final Take

With a diversified team that speaks languages ranging from Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, English and French, ArtiPlanto seems to be well-equipped for its venture into the international market. This young company’s growth is impressive, especially when the context of our current global health crisis is taken into consideration.