Artificial intelligence continues to empower digital people, Metaverse shows a large potential


Not long ago, Meta chief executive Zuckerberg and the famous computer scientist Lex Fridman in the universe conducted a “face to face” interview, with two people hundreds of miles apart, but through 3D scanning technology reconstruction of facial 3D model combined with AI drive, and Quest Pro head facial capture function, on high simulation of virtual image real-time reflect facial expressions.

Zuckerberg also said of his ideal metacophobies: ” This touches on the heart of the VR and AR vision that you can provide a sense of presence wherever you are actually in the world. I think this experience embodies that well, both in two completely different states across half the country and looking like you were sitting in front of me.”

The improved effect of artificial intelligence on digital people

As you can see, Zuckerberg’s simulation of the “twin virtual digital people” is the result of a combination of various technologies, including artificial intelligence technology. So-called virtual people real live human identities in the digital world “double” ‘avatars “, they are the real humans in cyberspace real agents, real spirits, thinking, consciousness, psychology, faith, morality, and memory class essence elements, the overall migration to the digital double, make it in the cyberspace simulation environment through the presence for reproduction and reshape.

To sum up, da digital human is a virtual entity based on artificial intelligence and computer science, combining technologies such as natural language processing, emotional expression, and intelligent interaction. They will go beyond simple machines to perform tasks, have virtual entities of thinking, emotional expression, and intelligent decision-making, can simulate, interact, learn, and express, and play an important role in various fields and scenarios through natural language dialogue and behavior interaction with people.

Last year, digital people emerged. But virtual people are accelerating their evolution into real “people” or widely used, which is undoubtedly the biggest —— AI in 2023. After ChatGPT became popular and entered thousands of industries, AI can carry the ultimate application of multi-modal, and digital people also have a lot of influence due to AI.

Driven by AI technology, digital people are going through ten capability upgrades and moving forward to intelligence and systematization. Digital people gradually break through the barrier of two elements and begin to appear in the mainstream media with a more diversified and real image, which has been highly concerned and sought after by the public. For example, the rapid development of virtual digital people in the short video and live broadcasting industry has quietly changed the lifestyle of the whole people, bringing about profound social changes.

In essence, AI can assign multimodal virtual digital people, implementation technical difficulty is higher, virtual digital people have expression, eyes, gestures, voice multimodal interaction ability, is based on high fidelity 3 d image technology, virtual people high quality 3 d animation generation technology, speech recognition and generation technology, natural language understanding and generation technology of multimodal collection, can greatly make up for the virtual human-machine interaction limitations.


WiMi Hologram Cloud optimizes digital human development

With the development of AI and other technologies, virtual people have formed a worldwide industrial tuyere, and more functions and application scenarios can be realized. Learned, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) in VR, AR, AI, and other cutting-edge technology fields have a strategic layout, become a set of XR virtual production, AI digital development, bblockchaintechnology underlying development, digital twin development, virtual content operation as one of the integrated technology company, at the same time to provide customers with all aspects of the universe integrated solutions.

Based on XR virtual production and AI technology, WiMi Hologram Cloud has formed an exclusive closed-loop capability from technology products to industry solutions, which lets companies build a more attractive ecosystem. For digital operations, WiMi Hologram Cloud has 5000 digital people IP and apply different operational strategy, promoting the whole stack AI mode + content IP operations of virtual operations, digital people evolved for fusion AI language understanding, expression ability, and XR intelligent interaction ability of “Homo sapiens”, WiMi Hologram Cloud these advantages can enter the financial, education, film and television, government, live, retail, and other fields of industry development opportunity.

It is also worth mentioning that the surge of interactive demand in the market is bound to stimulate the large-scale outbreak of all kinds of digital content, behind which is the magnificent meta-universe. One of the core concepts of the development of the metasome is that everyone should have their own digital body. Only with their own digital body, can users truly integrate into and become active in the metacome. In WiMi Hologram Cloud’s opinion, the technology entrance of the future meta-universe is XR technology, which is both immersive, interactive, creative, and extended. It builds virtual digital scenes in the form of no wearable, brings users into the digital world, and finally realizes seamless interaction with AI digital scenes and digital people.


To sum up

Frankly, every once in a while there are disruptive technologies, that change things around you and make life better. Digital people are becoming a new labor force, participating in, interacting with, and cooperating with real natural people and various robots, and jointly shaping a future full of possibilities. In the future, WiMi Hologram Cloud, with the development of digital people, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, the virtual people industry will constantly unlock new scenes of digital consumption, accelerate the application of digital technology in multiple scenarios, and promote the establishment of an interactive system of metaverse form, which will bring new technologies and new experiences to digital technology and digital economy.