AR technical creativity has become the core competitiveness in the new era


It is reported that the Louvre Egyptian Museum has added a yellow sign with a QR code. As long as you take out your mobile phone and scan the QR code, you can open the application, see the dazzling and magical scene, and put the Buddha through time in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago.

This is the AR landing project jointly created by Snap (SNAP) and the Louvre: to recreate the past treasures of human history with AR, and these AR experiences are completely free. The two sides will work together in the future to create augmented reality special effects for more cultural relics so that visitors can see the charming charm and more historical relics details with their mobile phones.

AR creativity has become the core competitiveness

Hand-in-hand museum, this is perhaps one of the best applications of AR technology. Technicians from Snap said that the use of modern imaging technology to reproduce the details and beauty of ancient Egyptian relics. Together with the Louvre is only the first pilot project for Snap AR Studio to enter the museum. In the future, more well-known museums will use AR technology to present treasures.

Now Snapchat has taken AR as the core competitiveness of its products. In 2015, Snapchat launched AR filters in its product, hoping to add fun elements to appeal to its young audience. Eight years later, the AR elements of Snapchat have expanded to have truly commercial and practical value.

r/WIMI - AR technical creativity has become the core competitiveness in the new era

Today, more than 250 million users use AR filters every day, two-thirds of their daily activity, and AR filters are viewed more than 6 billion times a day. Huge users also attract development groups. Snap’s AR development platform, Lens Studio, already has 300,000 developers and has developed more than 3 million AR filters.

AR will be fully popularized in ten years

In fact, since last year, with the support of the concept of the AI model, the global AR industry has ushered in another round of development opportunities. The technology route is more mature, the hardware cost performance is constantly improving, and the commercial consensus is becoming more and more obvious.

As we all know, in the past decade, Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT) have released Google Glass and Hololens AR products, which caused a huge blockbuster and were seen as disruptive products.

During last year’s Google I / O conference, Google showed off its AR glasses project, code-denamed Iris. Iris is expected to restart.

r/WIMI - AR technical creativity has become the core competitiveness in the new era

Meta (META) and SONY (SONY) chose mixed reality technology based on virtual reality and games as the main technology landing scene, to gain a certain user base.

At the four-day CEATEC 2023 exhibition in Japan, SONY recently unveiled the barrier-free service function of AR smart glasses, bringing safe and convenient services to the elderly, the disabled or people with temporary mobility difficulties.

r/WIMI - AR technical creativity has become the core competitiveness in the new era

A question that cannot be ignored, where is the landing scene of AR? Although the current technology is not mature, unable to achieve AR without hands and an immersive experience, almost everyone can use the smartphone to experience AR, to try to explore and get used to AR experience. According to the current technological progress, the real mass popularity of AR will eventually be achieved in ten years.

AR brings opportunities to WiMi

Aiming at the global advanced level, the industry’s leading companies are catching up. According to public information, the first WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has been sticking to the holographic AR track. From the early technology research and development to the special chip algorithm design, not only continued the speed of product iteration for many years, launched several AR devices to the market, but also opened up some new gameplay, developed new product forms, and continued to innovate in human-computer interaction. More importantly, WiMi Hologram Cloud has further extended the application scenarios of products around the characteristics of AR, and AR application is becoming a new starting point for development.

r/WIMI - AR technical creativity has become the core competitiveness in the new era

To be specific, first, currently, WiMi Hologram CloudAR applications have been able to cover both consumer and enterprise AR products, all based on the basic technology provided by them. To achieve a highly realistic and immersive AR experience that requires innovative display technology to meet the needs of the AR / VR industry, WiMi Hologram Cloud has developed a breakthrough technology that is increasingly attracting attention —— a quantum dot microscale display component technology for AR / VR.

The technology is unique in its ultra-fast response time, high resolution, high brightness, and excellent outdoor performance, making it expected to be a key driver of the future development of the AR industry. The breakthrough solution enables WiMi Hologram Cloud quantum dot microscale display component technology to overcome the technical bottlenecks and challenges and improve its feasibility and application prospects. On the one hand, it is convenient to provide users with a better visual experience, and on the other hand, it even vigorously boosts the development of the AR / VR industry.

Second, the content scene has always been one of the application scenarios that AR track players attach importance to. To facilitate the development of content, WiMi Hologram Cloud has built a holographic cloud developer platform, which integrates a series of API and features, such as scene understanding, gesture tracking, and light field spatial mapping, to provide support for developers. In addition, WiMi Hologram Cloud is working closely with multiple parties to support this open standard, allowing developers to quickly move from 2D content development to future spatial computing content development, so that terminal vendors, content developers and users can meet their needs.

To sum up

At present, as people pay more and more attention to the arrival of the space Internet, AR track entrepreneurial players take advantage of the momentum and take the lead in seizing the minds of users. In such a competitive environment, Apple (AAPL) brewing for many years MR head products on the market, AR industry or accelerate the “iPhone moment”. AR market has a large imagination space, and it needs to be vigilant that, with the progress of technology and the reduction of cost, future content is the key factor to attract and retain users and developers. How to make developers sink in the future is still a problem that needs a long-term game and all parties to overcome.