Apple’s first MR headset, the Vision Pro stimulates the AR industry, the market has a large potential in 2025

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Apple’s first mixed reality (MR) head device Vision Pro on January 19 evening in the us market open pre-order, although starting as high as $3499, about 25000 yuan, but technology enthusiasts still flock, to book for 5 minutes, Vision Pro booking server is crowded, 18 minutes after inventory is already sold out. This fully demonstrates the market appeal of Apple’s new MR devices and the power of mixed reality technology.

Apple’s Vision Pro, released in June 2023, is an advanced MR device integrated with five sensors, 12 cameras, and six microphones. It realizes the comprehensive tracking of eyeballs, expressions, gestures, and gestures, bringing a new interactive experience to users. MR means mixed reality (Mixed Reality) and is part of the XR terminal. Compared with VR virtual reality, MR further integrates the integration of virtual environment and real environment, seamlessly integrates digital content into the real world, and adds the integration of various virtual objects and images under the background of real environment, bringing a new 3D interactive experience to users. The launch of Vision Pro has not only injected strong impetus into the development of XR industry, but also may become an important product leading the future development direction of XR industry. Vision Pro Is seen as a blockbuster product of Apple’s entry into the MR (AR / VR) space. While positioned as an MR device, in Apple’s view, the Vision Pro can be seen as a new computer that seamlessly integrates both the real world and the electronic world. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said: ” AR is a far-reaching technology. Apple has launched a brand new AR platform and a revolutionary product, the Apple Vision Pro. Apple Vision Pro Will focus on games, work, and communication, and this device will take the world into the era of ‘spatial computing’.”This shows that Apple has high expectations for the future development of MR technology.

According to, the global MR market is expected to grow at a compound growth rate of $1224 billion from 2023 to 2032. The progress of display and interactive technology makes XR expected to become the carrier of the next-generation computing platform. According to the calculation, the XR industry space far exceeds one trillion yuan. At the same time, Apple launched new MR products, which is expected to greatly promote the development of XR industry and drive investment opportunities in the industrial chain. This broad market space makes the first to lead in the layout of XR / MR content, IP reserves-rich companies are expected to benefit.

It is reported that WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), as the “first holographic AR stock”, has laid out holographic XR, AI and other interactive technologies early. WiMi Hologram Cloud It is a technology company with holographic AR technology and computer vision as the core. It is constantly exploring in the industrial chain of space computing and accelerates the application of space computing in the principle of making full use of its technical expertise. In terms of MR content creation and development, WiMi Hologram Cloud will also take advantage of its advantages in holographic 3D, XR, AI and other interactive technologies to develop more innovative MR content and provide users with high-quality and efficient MR experience.

In addition, WiMi Hologram Cloud also combines computer vision technology with virtual reality technology to develop a three-dimensional human-computer interaction system based on computer vision. This system builds a natural and intuitive 3 D interaction environment between man and machine, and constructs a 3 D user interface, which realizes a harmonious and “human-centered” human-computer interaction interface, and improves the nature and efficiency of human-computer interaction. It is worth noting that WiMi Hologram Cloud is also investing heavily in the research and development of emerging technologies to promote the innovation of 3D interactive technology and build a technology ecosystem. Therefore, WiMi Hologram Cloud’s active exploration and layout in the MR field is expected to make it be in a favorable position in the future MR market.

MR, as a new technology, is changing the way we live and work, bringing us brand new experiences and possibilities. The hot pre-sale of Apple Vision Pro indicates that MR technology will have broad market space and development potential in the future, providing huge development opportunities for related enterprises. The active exploration and layout of WiMi Hologram Cloud and other companies in the MR field also provide strong support for promoting the development and innovation of MR technology. It can be predicted that, with the continuous development and maturity of MR technology, more enterprises and individuals will benefit from this advanced technology in the future, and open a new era of “spatial computing”.