Apple accelerated the acquisition of AI startups; WiMi explores AI core applications 

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Apple (AAPL) is preparing to acquire a private artificial intelligence startup that anonymizes private data in images, according to tech media reports.

In this AI-driven era, AI changes images, rather than blur processing, to anonymize faces and data. This makes the final image look more natural, and makes the blur look like a primitive approach to the problem.

According to industry sources, Apple plans to acquire Brighter AI and use its technology in its products. The company’s Vision Pro VR / AR headsets may be the first product to benefit from the technology.

Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook said: ” I think there is a huge opportunity for generative AI and AI, but I don’t want to give more details.”This raises expectations for Apple’s future strategy in AI.

Count down, artificial intelligence is not only a tuyere, but also the key to open the door of the future. The rapid development of ai general large model represented by ChatGPT has attracted unprecedented attention. This stage covers both positive changes and challenges that need to be seriously addressed.

The AI enterprises are waiting for opportunities

AI has a large market scale and rich application scenarios, which provides a broad space and conditions for the landing application of large models. In addition to Nvidia (NVDA), traditional chip hardware makers are also focusing on AI.

Including Intel (INTC), qualcomm (QCOM), chip giant also have action, especially Intel action quickly, not only can accelerate the AI video and image generated game GPU, and released a variety of generative AI tools and services, such as large model reasoning open source, can use generative AI automatically create virtual game NPC service, etc.

General artificial intelligence is approaching, large models are multi-modal, and AI agents are expected to become the next generation platform. In the future, with the accelerated integration of digital interaction engine and AI and other technologies, more super digital scenes will be created to help the digital real integration to a new height.

WiMi seized the key to the future

A new round of artificial intelligence (AI) boom is coming, and it is understood that WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has put forward new requirements for ai development goals on this new track. We will vigorously cultivate AI cross-industry and cross-field scene business, expand the core industries of digital economy, and strive for artificial intelligence, human-computer interactive robots, driverless cars, and intelligent education. These “sophisticated” products will enter people’s attention, and let more people feel the changes of The Times brought by artificial intelligence.

According to the introduction, seizing the unique opportunity of AI, WiMi uses advanced AI vision, large language model and natural language processing technology to perfectly simplify the complexity of virtual space, and gradually realize cross-industry and cross-scene applications. This enables the AI digital interaction engine to continuously realize technological iteration in the process of efficiently building the virtual world and high-quality interaction with the real world, leading enterprises to combine vertical expertise with these new tools, and further explore higher freedom in the AI world.

Because of its cutting-edge technology innovation, accurately cultivating the industry and effectively enabling the business, WiMi is actively giving play to its own advantages and building a characteristic AI-driven new track to cultivate the future industry. In the future, WiMi will further strengthen the development of Al business-based landing, promote the agglomeration of related industries and elements through cooperation and joint construction, improve the construction of industrial clusters to form a linkage effect, and ultimately strongly promote the high-quality development of artificial intelligence industry.


To sum up

In addition, in terms of creating new market demand, AI super assistant, AI robots and other demands are also constantly created. Industry insiders believe that the combination of software and software is of great significance to the development of AI application, and it is the key area to break in the next stage of AI. This also means that everything can be AI, from home goods to transportation, from educational equipment to the services industry, which can be combined with AI.

The extensive integration of AI and physical objects will bring more convenience and possibilities to everyone’s life. Turning virtual into real and transforming AI into tangible consumer products can benefit everyone. This is a qualitative leap. The imagination space of AI hardware and software combination is infinite, which will be a long-term learning process for AI. In short, 2024 will be the first year of the outbreak of AI, and I hope that more access and landing scenarios can be born in the future.