Angela Ferrari on Her Latest Concert Series

Living a meaningful life means finding your purpose and ensuring your continuous growth. Regardless of race, gender, and level of education, one study linked the absence of life purpose with a high risk of suffering from heart disease and dying early.

Being free to play and sing for Angela Ferrari meant breaking out of her comfort zone. The up-and-coming artist found strength through the energetic and intuitive transformation that comes naturally to her. One day, she abandoned a successful career in the corporate world to strike out into the unknown and begin her singing career.

Overcoming Fear of The Unknown

Angela Ferrari’s musical talent comes out in her interesting and powerful voice. Music had drawn her attention from a young age, and she remembers mimicking the lullabies her mom and grandfather sang. Interestingly, when asked what made her choose music above her well-paid entrepreneurial career, she answers, “I don’t know; music was sort of in my bones, and it didn’t feel like a choice; it just had to be even though everyone said it was a far-fetched dream.”

Born in San Diego, California, Angela Marie Ferrari – her real name – grew up in Gallup, New Mexico. She has no formal vocal training, taking just a few vocal lessons when she became a performer. Thanks to her father, who set up a microphone and speaker in her room, she observed her favorite singers closely and practiced.

Artists like Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Jewel, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Micheal Bolton were her inspiration growing up. Today she is inspired by several artists, including Lana Del Rey, Lorde, and Florence and The Machine.

Angela Ferrari admits to having had many jobs before settling into the corporate world, but nothing satisfactory enough. She started feeling that she was chasing constant external highs that would instantly fade. It was time to follow her heart by releasing the restraints holding her curiosity back.

Opening New Doors

Returning from a trip of self-discovery to Bali, the recording artist quit her job and started on her newly-chosen career path. She strongly believes her love for singing helped her overcome her fear of the unknown and brought opportunities that matched her dreams.

In 2019, Angela Ferrari released her debut album called Heartbreak Mixtape. Based on a life journey turned into music, this deep album instills many feelings in people. The artist says, “An eclectic selection of music inspired this album, and I held nothing back. I lose myself completely in my music, channeling my pent-up energy into it, and I love climatic music.”

Angela Ferrari has performed as an opening act on global tours for famous artists like American Authors and Train and Starship. She has also participated in major NFL events at the Hall of Fame Party, Celebrity Super Bowl Party, and NFL National Anthem. She has said it is as exciting to sing in front of an audience of 70,000 people as it is to appear in front of a packed small concert venue. Angela has appeared in several podcasts and on the cover of So Scottsdale Magazine.

Upcoming Work and Life Goals

Angela Ferrari intends to continue to combine her talents to present events and concerts that include potent messages. Her songs are relatable; they ground and integrate the principles she believes in, creating new patterns of neural circuitry that can bring real change.

Based on her intuitive healings, Angela founded the Shift Process, where she guides clients to discover their meaningful selves. At the Shift Process, the teachings include connection, hidden truths, experiencing self-love, and acceptance so that everyone can learn about the perspective of abundance – a magnet to an abundant reality. Shift retreats are an important part of the process, and plans are to take them around the world. 

Angela Ferrari is the first spiritual teacher and speaker that relates her music to the concepts of self-development, in-depth channeling, and energetic healing. She wants her work to be the example that everyone can reach their dreams, and there is no need to live their lives shoved in a box. Angela is an ardent supporter of helping others heal emotional trauma to help them overcome anxiety and depression. She believes that children need to learn about emotional balance to create a better world and she aspires to introduce online courses and resources for them soon. 

Her next concert is planned for June 4, 2022, at the Scottsdale Art Gallery to present her new music style. Everyone is looking forward to the VIBE of her latest work, knowing that her concerts are always packed with exciting and influential people.

Using the painful journey of life to our advantage can be difficult, but the recording artist has used her ability to do this to help others become the owners of their reality. Angela Ferrari has turned her vulnerability into output, and she believes we all have the power to do the same.