An interview with Versace model Fariba Rahimi

Fariba Rahimi exudes Middle Eastern beauty and charm. Her pursuit of a dream to become a model caused her to abandon her homeland at the tender age of 16. Today, Fariba is a style icon to many, and she is one of the most recognized models in Norway.

She often graces the covers of magazines there and internationally. The successful model left her career aside for a while to become an entrepreneur. Recently, at 38, she made her come back as a model to become a brand ambassador and model for the iconic luxury fashion house Versace.

Interviewing Fariba is always a delightful experience, and I looked forward to our Skype meeting recently.  We had a lot to discuss but also focused on her comeback to modeling. We also reflected on how she inspires women, proving that empowerment is just a matter of taking things in their own hands and not relying on others.

Fariba, you look stunning as always, and I thank you for taking the time to inspire our readers who love to hear your news. Have you always had the same drive and ambition?

Hello to all. Oh, yes! Even though I love my family, I knew that back home in Iran; I had no chance to reach my fullest capabilities. That drove me to move to Turkey alone and then quickly decided to look for another place with opportunities where I could broaden my career opportunities and realize my dreams. I found my haven in Trondheim, Norway.

When did you decide to leave your modeling career aside for a while?

Norway opened many doors for me and made me see that even though I was a woman, I could also put my other talents to good use. A few years back, I felt that I had reached a very satisfactory level of success in modeling and it was time to try attain my other dream, to become an entrepreneur.

Image credit: https://www.faribarahimi.com/

How come you chose real estate?

I started off as a realtor, and dedicated myself to that, working hard and learning management skills. I soon created and headed my own real estate company and have delved into other businesses too.

Did you miss the modeling world at all while you were building your business?

Initially, I was too busy learning the ins-and-outs of the real estate market, concentrating on my clients and learning about business management. That takes time and dedication. By the time I grew my enterprises to the point where they were successful and I could manage them from afar, I felt that I missed the world of modeling and the thrill of working with the people in the industry.

How did you become an ambassador for the House of Versace?

I have always admired Versace and am a big fan of their whole range. I knew that at 38, my modeling career would have to be re-entered at another level. I made a video collection and sent it to Versace and soon heard back from them. Since 2018, my career as a model has taken off again.

What modeling work have you been doing?

I am the ambassador for Versace and have been appearing in commercials for them. My catwalk appearance in Milan in 2019 for Versace was a wonderful experience and I always enjoy doing their commercial videos and photoshoots. Just recently I also worked on two features, one for Kavyar and the other for Superior Magazine.

What are your post-COVID-19 plans?

There are many projects in the pipeline for the rest of 2020. I can’t tell you more now, because we are all waiting to see when we will be able to travel and work normally again.

One final question. Is the modeling industry harder to break into now than when you started out?

Anything but. The internet has changed the way opportunities are created. When I was a young model, we had to start with small jobs on our way to slowly gaining recognition. It was more difficult, and it took time to become known in the international modeling world.

Another startling difference was that in the nineties, modeling was all about perfection, and diversity was very rare. Today, models from all walks of life have to opportunity showcase that beauty comes from within, and if they are confident, it doesn’t matter what their ethnicity, hair, body shape, or age is. This is a great time to be a model!

Thank you for your time and hopefully, our next interview can be face-to-face.

May everyone be safe and I’m looking forward to chatting again soon.

Image credit: https://www.faribarahimi.com/



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