An interview best-selling author Phil Catudal

As a husband and father of three, the name Phil Catudal (@trainedbyphil)  is nothing new in Los Angeles. His story and personal training work have made him a well-known name in the fitness world. The Canadian born trainer doesn’t shy away from a challenge and has recently celebrated the one year anniversary of his debut book, “Just Your Type: The Ultimate Guide to Eating and Training Right for Your Body Type”. He gives insight about the simple nutritional and fitness methods we’ve been misled by. It’s no surprise that his clientele includes some of Hollywood’s well-known celebrities.

Phil, how did your journey to great physical health start?

“I am grateful for what I have today and the ability to share that with others and improve their lives. But let me backtrack quickly to share my own journey. After being diagnosed with leukaemia at age 3, losing my father to cancer when I was 12 and seeing my brother also battle with cancer for 5 years, made me quickly realize the importance of good health. My family and I started focusing on becoming healthier and more active people,” he tells. His family’s victories with cancer helped shape his ability to be able to guide others who need it. “From a young age, I appreciated good health, you become more humble of these things when you see kids playing hockey and being active, while you can’t be,” shares Catudal.

Catudal managed to obtain his MBA from Willamette University but felt obligated to share his skills and expertise with more people. It ultimately led to his personal training career taking shape. In a podcast on Optimal Performance via PlayerFM he shares that, “Great health is tricky to obtain, it’s a way of resetting your mentality.”

What’s your core focus?

“All over my book, you’ll find references to data and analysis that can help solve problems to weight and health. I simply enjoy helping people. We’re all different, and our physicalities are different too,” says Catudal. In Just Your Type, he emphasizes three main body types, endo-, ecto-, and mesomorphs. His chapter on What’s Your Body Type is an insightful quiz and analysis of the various body types there are. He gives clarity to the fact that your body enjoys structure and craves hormonal balance. His fine-tuned mind for fitness has made it possible for people to see the true value and appreciation they too can have for a healthy lifestyle.

In an interview with VoyageLA, Catudal shares his love for humans, the ability to share his skill with those who need it most. He tries to connect the physical with the mental and establishes a routine that is well-suited for your body.

Who are some of your most prominent clients?

Catudal’s great success comes from purely working hard. Before leaving university, he already started working on his career and personal brand. Some might say it’s luck, but Catudal had to build his own network of high profile clients. “It’s not about their fame or who they are, it’s what I can give them,” he says. “My biggest on TV transformation was Steve Howey from Shameless in terms of series progression. I enjoyed seeing how he became a healthier and more toned person,” tells Catudal. He makes it clear that anyone is welcome to start their fitness journey with him. John Ross Bowie shared that Catudal makes it easier and more accessible to become healthier and better looking.


Is it true that the upcoming hip-hop star Ralph Leon Mabone from Northside is a big fan of yours? And is he a client?

Well I treat most client cases with confidentiality. This is unless they provide express permission, participate in a joint media appearance – or the media sneaks up on us for photos. But some of my fans I have not met – for example people from other states and countries, who either buy my book, or got hold of video training materials.

Tell us about your training philosophy?

In chapter one, The Typecasting Story, Catudal shares the importance of getting to know your body. There are many factors that can influence muscle gain, or diet, the most important thing is to find what your body wants and needs most. “Nutrition and consistent movement trumps everything when it comes to health. Don’t be shy about who you are, simply improve on what you already have,” he says. His story on Tranzend Health shares his modest approach to each client he meets and sharing positivity. “I want to teach people, I want them to learn something, and want them to know that good health can constitute a great lifestyle,” he shares hopefully.


Phil Catudal was born in Canada on August 5, 1988. He has established a comfortable space where the focus isn’t mainly on becoming better looking, but rather finding something that will work for you. His guidance isn’t based on modern diets or fads, but rather to understand the prosperity of great physical and mental health.