Amit Seyani discusses eradicating human trafficking and child exploitation

Entrepreneur Amit Seyani is dedicated to dramatically decreasing and eradicating human trafficking and child exploitaton  Amit Seyani is the founder and CEO of the dating app Snatchable and has been talking to charities in regards to human trafficking. 

Human trafficking is when humans of all ages, heritage and sexes are traded illegally for forced labour, sexual eploitation and slavery. It can also involve organ trafficking, surrogacy and forced marriage. Human trafficking can happen anywhere in the world and it hasn’t stopped since.

Amit states, “There has been improvement to prevent human trafficking, but it is hasn’t disappeared completely from this world. In fact, more and more stories are popping up and so many lives have been lost and you end up feeling hopeless when you cannot do anything about it. That is why it is important to always help charities and those who are working hard to stop this. I am standing for the rights of every human being on this planet and I am dedicated to making a difference.”

At this moment in time, given the circumstances with the coronavirus, it is actually harder for trafficked victims to be discovered and escape from the terrible situations that they are in. Children who relied on schools for safety and food, are now forced to search on the streets, which also means that they have a higher chance of being exploited.

Whereas in Nigeria, older women were known to human traffic younger girls with struggled upbringings, by giving them the false hope of jobs in housekeeping. However, they ended up being exposed to severe sexual exploitation and were forced into giving birth to babies who were being sold and trafficked for a cartel. Unfortunately, baby factories are very common in Nigeria, however, there have been at least several raids carried out, which have saved people. 

Amit states, “There are many heartbreaking stories around the world and illegal trafficking that needs to be stopped. Even in the UK and U.S, there are loads of stories and it doesn’t stop.There are thousands of people in the UK that are in forced labour. The sad thing is, that we will never know how many victims there are actually out there, because there’s too many.”

When it comes to human trafficking in Europe, many are brought fom overseas, such as south east Asia and Africa. They are all given false hope that they will be promised accommodation and good jobs. Children are trafficked illegally in the back of vans and come from overseas. Whereas in Libya, people are still auctioned as slaves and are sent across Europe for forced labour. Amit states, “Even though we are living in a modern year with technology and evolvement, we are still having to live in a world where humans and animals are exploited daily. Changes need to be made and we can no longer turn the other way, just because we have our comfortable lives.”

In Greece, it is common for children to be kidnapped for organ trafficking. Not only that, but children are also exposed to sexual exploitation, as well as men and women. The reason why the number is so high, is because the borders for Greece and Turkey makes it so easy for thousands and immigrants to pass by, in order for them to land in other destinations in Europe. There are alot of immigrants that end up living illegally in these countries and in order to make ends meet, they have to sexually exploit themselves or their children. However, in Greece specifically, they have made strong progress in helping trafficked victims, prosecuting labour and sexual exploitation, as well as setting up an agreement with Albania in regards to child victim protection.

Amit explains that “No matter where you go in the world, even if it is your favourite holiday destination, there is always a deep and dark truth. Human trafficking and animal exploitation is unfortunately common everywhere we look. In order to help make a difference, you should sign petitions and donate to charities in the country that you are in. Giving support to eradicate human trafficking is great, but taking even the smallest action is even better.”

The video dating app “Snatchable” founded by Amit Seyani


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