Americhem’s Next-Gen mBrace™: A Milestone for Softness Additive Masterbatches


When you think of breakthroughs in synthetic fibers and additives, you might not immediately think of ‘softness’ as the frontier of innovation. But Americhem is about to change that. The Ohio-based global leader in custom color, functional additives, and performance technologies has introduced its next-generation softness additive masterbatches under the mBrace™ platform. In simpler terms, Americhem’s innovation offers a customizable suite of products that gives nonwoven producers enhanced flexibility to meet consumer demand for materials that feel soft and luxurious.

Unveiling the Features: Why It’s More than Just Softness

Americhem’s new line of masterbatch products comes with a plethora of features that appeal to both the producers and end-users of synthetic fibers. Engineered for efficient processing, these masterbatches produce minimal volatiles, thereby addressing the dynamic demands of today’s fast-paced industry. However, the true brilliance lies in its consumer-centric approach. The new mBrace™ line allows for a personalized tactile experience, meaning that softness can be tailored to the preferences and needs of individual consumers.

Balancing Performance and Aesthetics

The company has not stopped at just delivering softness; the mBrace™ line boasts enhanced haptics that provide a wide range of textures, including silky, super silky, cottony, and slick sensations. Moreover, it offers a finely tuned balance between drape and stiffness—qualities that define the look and feel of end products. Add to this reduced volatility and enhanced thermal stability at high processing temperatures, and you have a product that outperforms traditional slip agents used in the industry.

Innovating to Meet the Ever-Changing Consumer Preferences

As consumer behavior evolves, so do the demands for more sophisticated synthetic fibers. Americhem has identified this trend and risen to the challenge. The mBrace™ line integrates seamlessly with other functionalities, such as hydrophilic, antimicrobial, or hydrophobic properties. Whether it’s resistance to odor or moisture repellency, Americhem’s mBrace™ can be customized to meet complex demands.

A Commitment to Sustainability

At a time when the world is increasingly focused on sustainability, Americhem ensures its practices are environmentally conscious. The company’s masterbatches are formulated to minimize environmental impacts, incorporating bio-sourced materials and contributing to a reduced carbon footprint. Beyond the product, Americhem is developing end-of-life solutions to make its offerings environmentally responsible throughout their lifecycle.

Positioning for Global Reach with a Regional Focus

Americhem’s global footprint is impressive, with seven manufacturing sites in the United States and additional locations in Europe and Asia. Each of these sites is designed to cater to the various material requirements across nearly all polymer systems. The company’s competitive cost structure and internal vetting processes add another layer of appeal for potential partners.

A Future-Proof Approach

Americhem’s latest release is not a one-off; it’s part of a bigger picture. With a relentless focus on research and development, the company is investing in next-generation products that align with shifting market trends and ever-changing consumer preferences. By doing so, Americhem is not just setting standards; it’s creating a pathway for the entire industry to follow.

A Testament to Adaptive Innovation

In an industry that often emphasizes cost-efficiency and mass production, Americhem’s new mBrace™ softness additive masterbatches stand as a testament to the endless possibilities of adaptive innovation. By offering a highly customizable product that also emphasizes environmental responsibility, the company strikes an impressive balance that many in the sector have been striving to achieve. This blend of consumer-centric design, technological innovation, and ecological awareness places Americhem in a unique position to lead the industry toward a more tailored and sustainable future.

Elevating Industry Standards While Meeting Consumer Needs

It’s rare for a single innovation to check so many boxes—customer satisfaction, processing efficiency, sustainability, and customization. But Americhem’s mBrace™ product line manages to do just that. Not only does it respond to the increasingly complex consumer demands for tactile comfort and specific textures, but it also enables manufacturers to achieve this level of sophistication without compromising on environmental commitments or production efficiency. This holistic approach to product development marks a departure from the “either-or” mindset that often plagues the industry. With mBrace™, Americhem has effectively delivered a “yes-and” solution, indicating that it’s entirely possible for the industry to elevate its standards across multiple metrics simultaneously.


With the introduction of its next-generation mBrace™ softness additive masterbatches, Americhem has certainly set a new benchmark. As consumer preferences for comfort and quality rise, Americhem is clearly ahead of the curve in delivering a superior tactile experience. As we move towards a future that will undoubtedly demand more customization, innovation, and sustainability, Americhem’s latest offering stands as a shining example of what is possible.