American independent journalist Patrick Lancaster finds both Pro Russia & Pro Ukraine People living in the Ukraine Warzone.

American independent journalist Patrick Lancaster attended children’s day event organized by newly placed pro Russian local authorities in the (Russian controlled) Kherson region of Ukraine. He learned the mood of civilians, their hopes, fears, aspirations for a better future. Most importantly he asked them what they thought of the Russian forces being there and what country they hope there region would be part of in the future, Russia or Ukraine. With the spirit of true journalistic ethics he did his best to find people on both side of the issue, Pro Russian and Pro Ukrainian. The results might surprize you. One thing seems clear: there are both Pro Russia & Pro Ukraine People living in the Ukraine Warzone.

The situation in Ukraine:

Given that it is no doubt also an information war on both sides, the perception on reality remains quite murky. In recent weeks even mainstream media went as far as to suggest that Russia is about to clear a major “milestone” in Donbass. Leftist channels such as “Vice” are calling Patrick Lancaster a “Kremlin Troll”, and politicians like Liz Cheyney slammed Colonel Doug Macgregor, the ex U.S. general who told Fox News that Biden wrongly conveyed the state of Ukraine, after Newsweek mocked him as a “Putin Wing” general. Patrick Lancaster also produced videos of a Ukrainian general defecting to Russia, along with numerous recordings that present counter-claims to that of the mainstream status quo on Ukraine.

Food Crises Looming:

Putin is blaming the West for the food crisis, whereas leftist politicians blame Russia in turn. Many assert that some of the Ukrainian grains can be stored for years and is not of risk of perishing. What is clear however, is that populations in need of food, cannot simply hold on for years, let along months or weeks. The “Global South” and Middle East will be hit the hardest if the food crisis is not resolve soon.  



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