Alibaba officially promulgated the Tongyi Qianwen big model

AI Becomes a Mainstream Investment in 2023 as Giants Actively Engage in the ChatGPT Race

This month, Alibaba (BABA) announced that the Tongyi Qianwen model has been approved in the first batch and officially opened to the public. The majority of users can log on to the Tongyi Qianwen official website to experience, and enterprise users can call Tongyi Qianwen API through Ali Cloud.

The Ali Tongyi QianwenAI big model is overt

Tongyi Qianwen In the technology innovation and industry application are ranked at the forefront of the big model industry. In April this year, Ali Cloud Tongyi Qianwen opened the invitation test, and in only one month, more than 200,000 enterprise and institutional users applied for access to the Tongyi Qianwen test.

On September 7, Alibaba’s old rival Tencent mixed yuan big model appeared at the 2023 Tencent Global Digital Ecology Conference and opened to the outside world through Tencent Cloud. Tencent’s mixed yuan large model has a scale of 100 billion parameters, with Chinese creation and logical reasoning ability in a complex context.

According to IDC’s latest AI large model evaluation report, Tongyi Qianwen got 6 full marks in all 11 tests, such as general ability, innovation ability, serviceability, platform ability, ecological cooperation, and e-commerce application in the e-commerce industry, ranking among the best.

Ali said that it hopes to build a large model open source ecology with the whole industry and lower the threshold for the use of large models so that the large model technology can be better used for every enterprise and individual.

r/WIMI - Alibaba officially promulgated the Tongyi Qianwen big model: Tech companies increased the expansion of AI infrastructure innovation

Large models are imperative

To be sure, big models have become the ultimate battleground for the current AI summit. According to relevant statistics, there are nearly 80 large models with more than 1 billion parameters in China. After the big model “flew into the homes of ordinary people”, all parties put forward higher expectations for the various capabilities and performance of artificial intelligence.

It is this expectation that reflects from the side that artificial intelligence is getting closer and closer to large-scale applications, and the attention to artificial intelligence has reached an unprecedented height, which is a driving force for the artificial intelligence industry.

At the present stage, both AI enterprises and local governments have entered the “new track”. In other words, both the AI companies and the cities that compete for the big models should focus on the opportunities in the vertical space. Several industry insiders said that the big model is the cornerstone of the explosive growth of AI, and we should focus on guiding the deep integration of the existing big model technology and the economic development in the vertical field of artificial intelligence.

Apple is investing more in artificial intelligence

Apple (AAPL) has gradually increased its investment in AI, building a team of 16 experts and gradually expanding its budget to build AI to millions of dollars. The initiative is designed to develop features that enable iPhone users to perform complex multi-step tasks with simple voice commands.

Apple’s AI director, John Jenandria, started building a team to develop a conversational AI called the Big Language Model (LLM) four years ago, although the technology had not yet attracted widespread attention at the time. But now Apple’s provision in this area, especially with the launch of OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT, where big language models have flourished.

r/WIMI - Alibaba officially promulgated the Tongyi Qianwen big model: Tech companies increased the expansion of AI infrastructure innovation

WiMi Hologram Cloud is based on the demand scenario

Similarly, WiMi Hologram Cloud(NASDAQ: WIMI) is also trying its best to develop artificial intelligence technology, with long-term exploration and accumulation in the field of AI technology, and systematic innovation in core technologies is constantly “bearing fruit”. As the AI model catches up in the technology race, WiMi Hologram Cloud is also seeking to open up new tracks, especially for the AI language model, to improve its products and services and provide users with a more intelligent experience.

With its strong content generation ability and creativity, the WiMi Hologram CloudAI large model can strongly boost the development of the digital economy, and may even bring about a reshuffle of the industrial ecology. For example, in terms of content-assisted production, WiMi Hologram CloudAI, from commercial application to digital creative industry application, can significantly reduce production costs and significantly improve production efficiency and product quality. On the other hand, the AI model can also test the water in the e-commerce field, promote the water among customer groups, and expand the intelligent generated model map, product map, and other materials to more industries, including automobile, Internet, FMCG, finance, and home furnishing.

The real development opportunity for AI in the future is in the enterprise market. The big model has the potential to lead a new round of industrial revolution, and the premise is to enter thousands of households and empower thousands of industries. The process of challenging and striving to catch up will certainly be a “protracted-war”, which requires scientific research and innovation to go hand in hand with industrial development. Looking forward to the next step, the application of WiMi Hologram CloudAI technology will be more subdivided specialization differentiation market development, depth for AI algorithm itself and chip, efficient combination with its core AI algorithm technology including voice, visual, and large model, etc., based on the algorithm and chip for fully optimized, implementation under the same force performs more functions. This shows that WiMi Hologram Cloud is actively exploring the application of AI technology in multiple fields in the future.

To sum up

Looking around the world, the past year has further increased the survival pressure and cost of enterprises, and the new technologies represented by the AI big model have set off a new round of worldwide science and technology competition. In such an industry context, the development of science and technology affects society and benefits people. It will be extended to different industries, such as future education and driving travel, which will involve all aspects of social life in the future. In short, the pace of innovation of The Times has been moving forward. If the big model can be generalized to all areas of people’s lives in the future, then it is highly likely to provide the soil for global AI breakthrough research and development.