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On November 8th, ENS (Ethereum Name Service) official issued a document saying that ENS will start the airdrop of governance token ENS on November 8th at 7 pm EST (8 pm GMT on Nov 9th). Users have until May 4, 2022, to complete the claim, after which all unclaimed tokens will be sent to the DAO treasury.

At the same time, ENS also announced the airdrop details and token distribution scheme:

The total number of ENS tokens is 100 million, 25% of which are airdropped to .ETH holders, there are more than 137,000 eligible addresses. 25% will go to ENS contributors (over 100 individuals and groups, plus hundreds of Discord users), and the rest 50% to the DAO Community treasury.

Airdrops will be assigned to previously registered addresses or .ETH secondary domain registered addresses that are currently active. The distribution is per wallet holder instead of ENS name. The formula is, numbers of airdrop = 0.27 * the number of days you hold at least 1 ENS domain name + 0.067 * the number of days until the domain expiry date, and it will be multiplied by 2 for owners who have set their Primary ENS, formally called the Reverse Record.

That is, if you register the first ENS domain name more than 1 year ago, and have 4 years until it expires. Then this address will get airdrops:

365 * 0.27 + 1460 * 0.067 = 196.37 ENS

At a conservative market value of $1 billion, then you will get airdrop in the worth of $5,694.73. And as the valuation of ENS continues to rise in the future, the value of the airdrop will continue to rise!

Early adopters in cryptocurrency and ETH must be excited to share the big airdrop pie, if you missed it, don’t feel lost! There’s always airdrop there for you in the crypto world.

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