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Air pollution in American cities: Los Angeles, Denver, Newark among the most polluted

Los Angeles is the most polluted US city


Air pollution statistics in the US makes it very clear that California has the worst air pollution of all US states. As far as cities are concerned Los Angeles is ahead of every other city when it comes to air pollution. The air pollution picture as far as California is concerned looks even worse when one considers that seven Californian cities are listed in the top 10 US list in connection with air pollution. Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco are also included on that list. Statistics which has been collected over 20 years clearly show that Los Angeles had been on the top of that list for 19 years out of the 20. People living in Los Angeles will know that it can happen that smog appears on warm days. It will then mix with harmful chemicals coming from combustion engines and also with pollution coming from industrial smokestacks. The higher the temperature the greater is the likelihood of smog appearing.

The primary culprits


Investigators are particularly interested in smog formation and also in soot. The smog is also known as ground-level ozone while the soot is known as particulate matter. Each of these individually and collectively is posing a serious health risk. As far as soot is concerned six Californian cities are on the top 10 list for US cities struggling with air pollution. According to collected statistics soot pollution is a more serious problem as far as physical health is concerned than smog. Soot is also responsible for significantly more premature deaths. People exposed to soot has a higher risk to contract lung cancer. Statistics are clearly showing that the problem with air quality in California is worsening. Even though there are such strict environmental regulations in the US this simply does not seem to improve the situation. Apparently, the problem is because of an increasing population and there is also the topography of the area which is resulting in a situation where despite severe environmental legislation, air pollution is slowly but surely getting worse. With the increase in population, there is also more vehicles on the roads. There are also a high number of people living in valleys and basins exactly in those places where pollution eventually settle.

The sunny state reputation does not help


Even though California is known for its sunny and warm days this is no help as far as air pollution is concerned. Even though it may look as if it is a perfect day, those conditions actually increase the likelihood of ozone pollution. There can be no doubt that without air pollution laws, California will be in a much worse condition. This is exactly why continued regulation regarding things such as coal-fired power plants and tailpipe pollution is vital. Although conditions are worst in California, there are many other states and cities which is also having their problem areas according to available statistics. There are significantly more soot and smog in the air and the problem is further impacted by heat waves. Higher temperatures are leading to more wildfires which is only adding to the pollution levels. In many cities, it has been noticed that soot percentages are frequently reaching record levels. The same thing has also been seen in many cities were increased levels of smog has been measured.

The problem is widespread and critical


According to statistics, an estimated 140 million Americans is existing in an environment which sees very unhealthy levels of air pollution. The results of that air pollution could be things such as asthma attacks, lung cancer, premature death, damage to cardiovascular systems and problems can be encountered as far as the reproduction and development, especially of children, are concerned. One would expect air pollution to be more prevalent among developing nations where there are fewer technologies to deal with the problem. This is not the case as we can see from available statistics. The evidence shows that Los Angeles is the worst place in the entire USA as far as ozone pollution is concerned. And likewise, the state of California is the worst among all states in the USA. It is important to remain objective when looking at statistics as they relate to air pollution. Only six metro areas in the entire US has been able to record days when no soot or smog has been measured which has reached unhealthy levels. These cities include places such as Maine, Vermont, Bangor, Lincoln, Wilmington, Florida and North Carolina.


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