Air Force Veteran Turned Meta Manager: Adam Vaughan Discusses His Career Transitions

The US Air Force is comprised of 329,597 active duty members as reported by the Air Force’s Personnel Center. Of this number, 64,437 are officers and 265,160 are enlisted in the Air Force. The enlisted service members are members of the Air Force who are responsible for conducting missions for the military as well as fulfilling the orders which they receive. Officers fulfill a managerial role as they are responsible for planning the missions which the enlisted are to undertake, delegating soldiers to tasks and providing orders to the soldiers under their command. 

Demographics of the Air Force 

Over the years the Air Force has steadily become more diverse with milestones for women such as the first women entering pilot training in 1976, navigational training in 1977 and training to be a fighter pilot in 1993. As of February of 2022 the US Air Force is 21.3% female with 22.8% of the Air Force’s officers being female as well as 21.0% of enlisted members being female. This amounts to a total of 70,246 women serving in the Air Force. 

The Air Force has also increased its diversity in terms of race over time with more of the Air Force being comprised of Black, Asian and Native American people than before. While the Air Force is 70% white this is not far off from the white population of the US on the whole. This is largely true for the other demographics which make up the Air Force. With 15% identifying as black or African American, 4.6% as Asian, 1.2% as Native Hawaiian or from another Pacific island and 0.8% Native American or Native Alaskan. Hispanic or Latino is considered an ethnic group and not a racial one and this group makes up 16.2% of the Air Force. 

Adam Vaughan Discusses his Career Transitions 

Adam Vaughan is a veteran of the US Air Force having served for 20 years before he retired. He was deployed a total of 12 times to zones of combat as well as performing hundreds of other missions for the Air Force during his time serving. As a result of his service he has traveled the globe extensively visiting every single country in Asia and almost every country in Europe. He has also lived in Japan for a period of time. This tremendous opportunity for travel has led Vaughan to develop a deep seated passion for traveling the world and exploring the world’s cultures, foods and sights.

Due to his intense passion for travel and experiencing the world, Vaughan has stated that he “couldn’t take it” if he were to have a job which would not allow him to travel widely and frequently. Luckily for him, he was able to secure a position at Facebook managing Global Operations. This has required him to travel all over the world. He has a team with members hailing from across the globe and is often required to travel to various countries to manage his team members and the projects which they are working on together. Vaughan describes London as his second home as he is frequently in the city for work. He also loves “everything about the city” and can not get enough of the English capital’s quirky blend of old and new. 

Vaughan wishes to make a career out of his traveling and his cultural expertise by launching a travel brand based on his wealth of experience. Through this brand he wants to not only share his diverse and rich experiences of the globe but also help others achieve their goals of traveling the world and seeing all it has to offer. 

Final Thoughts 

Adam Vaughan is an Air Force Veteran turned global operations manager for Meta with a burning passion for travel and the many experiences and cultures which the world has to offer. This has led him to a position where he gets to travel frequently for his occupation and experience some of his favorite cities across the globe. He aspires to travel as much as possible and share these experiences with others to inspire them to develop a love for travel and all the richness which the world represents.