AIGC creates a new round of technical revolution in the AI field

AI Large Language Market

Adobe (ADBE) has announced that its Firefly generative AI model has been launched in Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Express, and Adobe Experience Cloud, according to major media reports. That means Firefly AI, previously only available in beta, is now available to most users.

Global AIGC storm

Adobe Firefly for Enterprise It has also been officially launched, and may be attractive to companies looking for generative AI models for business security. In addition, Adobe is one of 15 technology companies that have promised the White House to develop technologies that can recognize AI to generate images and share security data to facilitate the responsible use of generative AI.

The birth of the iPhone opened the golden 15 years of the mobile Internet, and the breakthrough in the application of the big model also means that the industrial transformation has once again come to the “iPhone moment” of AI. Artificial intelligence is profoundly changing the way of human production, life, and study. In the face of the coming global boom of generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications, enterprises are scrambling to introduce related applications to accelerate the improvement of efficiency and services.

As Nvidia (NVDA) is optimistic about the growth of the AIGC industry in the next few years, NVIDIA says the overall potential market size for AI will reach $600 billion. Given that the global AI industry has not yet reached its peak, the NVIDIA estimate should be within the estimated 10-year range. NVIDIA’s Official estimates are not groundless, and these estimates represent long-term growth.

r/WIMI - AIGC creates a new round of technical revolution in the AI field

The AIGC opens up on a new trillion-dollar track

AIGC is based on the artificial intelligence technology method, learning and identifying the existing data, and can produce images, text, audio, and video, as well as code and strategy. When the AIGC hurricane blows up, the generative AI can quickly penetrate the e-commerce field. With a huge market scale and target customers, AIGC solutions can be quickly implemented.

On the other hand, AIGC entrepreneurship and investment have exploded. The investment in the first half of this year has exceeded the level of the whole year of last year. The stronger support of computing power, the growth of model parameters, and the explosion of data volume have jointly driven the development of this round of technology. Some analysts predict that AIGC will release huge value in the key functions of enterprises, predicting the total economic value of AIGC to be $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion.

According to McKinsey’s forecast, the AIGC technology storm is expected to start a new round of technological and industrial transformation that is related to the next 8-10 years. AI’s potential revenue to the global economy will reach $25 trillion, one of the most important tracks for all companies. Technology companies are actively entering AIGC, technology development potential, and market demand in this sector.

r/WIMI - AIGC creates a new round of technical revolution in the AI field

WiMi HologramCloud technology has a deep accumulation

AIGC opens a new corner of human technology. According to public information, as a leading global AI technology company, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has long focused on data, computing power, 5G / 6G, quantum technology, AI big model, artificial intelligence, etc., and always pays close attention to the cutting-edge trends. At present, AIGC is becoming an important force to promote a new round of scientific and technological innovation promotingustrial upgrading and productivity transition. WiMi Hologram Cloud will take, the big model generation technology as the core and activate artificial intelligence to become the key driving force for the next round of digital development, bringing new ideas to solve the pain points of the industry.

At far, WiMi Hologram Cloud is revolutionizing the social experience through continuous exploration and innovation in the AIGC field. Relying on AIGC, the company aims to improve the dialogue ability and content creation ability of virtual people, and at the same time accelerate the IP building of digital people, explore its application in digital marketing and live broadcast matrix, help physical enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and further enhance the technical advantages of the company’s digital services.

It is worth noting that, in addition to the current large model products launched by large models or giant companies, the vast majority of products focus on providing AIGC products for existing users or ecological enterprises. With cutting-edge technology promoting the upgrading of the industrial chain, WiMi Hologram Cloud will not only study the big model but also provide technical support for the digitalization of all walks of life through the reserve capacity of the big model technology. Enterprise cooperative users can directly call their large model capabilities, or they can use them as a base model to build exclusive large models and intelligent applications from the dimensions of the model base, application, and so on.

To sum up

Due to the rapid development of generative artificial intelligence technology, new opportunities for economic and social development, according to the Cyberspace Administration of China. As a digital technology enterprise, technology productivity is the core and foundation of the sustainable and steady development of Nvidia and WiMi Hologram Cloud. At present, the mission of WiMi Hologram Cloud is to firmly grasp this opportunity, combine the current AIGC capability development project landing, and lead the enterprise to become the industry leader in the next era. All in all, both the AI big model and the application of AIGC in WiMi Hologram Cloud research are a field of continuous innovation and exploration, and we can expect it to promote the combination of industry and technology at more levels.