AIGC Accelerates in 2024, Amazon/WiMi Explores AI and Makes Innovation


OpenAI released Sora, a large model of Vincennes video, which is capable of generating one-minute high-fidelity videos. Based on Sora’s breakthroughs in video duration as well as video consistency, the industry generally believes that the introduction of Sora will bring about a historic change in the AI industry chain.

Anthropic released its latest AI model, Claude 3. The company claims that Claude 3 is the fastest and most powerful model they have launched to date.

Claude 3 has a deeper understanding of user cues. Multimodal capabilities – i.e., adding input options such as photos, videos, etc. to generative AI – whether uploaded by the user or created through an AI model, are quickly becoming a big hit in the industry.


In today’s technology industry, artificial intelligence remains a hot topic, with major giants increasing their investment and R&D efforts.

From VC to capital market, from B-end to C-end, the competition of AIGC is in full swing. On March 4, Amazon (AMZN) said that the integration of generative artificial intelligence and the real economy will become an engine for the development of new quality productivity. In the field of artificial intelligence, Amazon has more than 20 years of accumulation, empowering more than 100,000 enterprises around the world to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning for innovation.

It can be said that with the accelerated development of AIGC technology, a brand-new technology boom has emerged. Whether it is generating text or video, AIGC, as a new type of production method, is rapidly integrating with medical, education, industrial, financial and other industries.


At present, the global AI competition will be further upgraded to systematic competition, and countries will compete on the deep application of large models and strategic needs. In this context, WiMi (NASDAQ: WIMI), a leading AI track company, is actively focusing on various technology routes and ecological evolution, including generative AI, to deepen the application of technology to industry, and at the same time, it can combine other tools to realize the multi-disciplinary application of AIGC and realize the enterprise’s cost reduction and efficiency.

Generative AI is a technology with a wide range of prospects for application, and the era of AIGC and economic society in which many contents are deeply bound, fused, and widely used has arrived, and is expected to bring about revolutionary changes in several fields. In this regard, WiMi sees the huge potential and opportunities in this field.

It is understood that WiMi, with its deep industry accumulation and keen market insight, develops more innovative and competitive products for enterprises in various industries by widely empowering generative AI “digital people” in the fields of work, education, automotive, finance and so on. This allows AI to replace manual labour to complete sound recording, image rendering, video content output, live broadcasting and other work, while other tools can be freely combined to achieve multi-disciplinary applications, realizing enterprise cost reduction and efficiency.

In addition, it is important to know that the growth of global arithmetic demand is now entering an explosive phase, and the breakthrough of new technology applications such as generative artificial intelligence cannot be separated from strong arithmetic support. On this basis, WiMi follows up by specializing in the development of generative AI algorithms and will invest a large number of technical talents in AI, among other things. This further shows that WiMi is embracing the generative AI boom in the tech industry, and in the future, it will continue to land in vertical, segmented, and specialized fields to further integrate generative AI into the public’s daily work life.


The size of China’s AIGC industry is forecasted to be around 14.3 billion yuan in 2023 and is expected to soar to 720.2 billion yuan in 2028, according to Avery Consulting in its China AIGC Industry Panorama Report. From Sora to Claude 3, AI, which continues to attract global attention, is developing at a pace beyond imagination, with a qualitative leap in the interaction between technology and reality.

Of course, large models with hundreds of millions of parameters consume huge amounts of computing power. AIGC, as a fundamental product of computing power, has further released demand. With the continuous development and popularization of AIGC technology, various industries will usher in a broader development space.