AI World School unveils fascinating online AI learning platform

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Robotix’s colossal AI World School (AIWS) is launching its remote autodidactic learning platform which aims to provide Artificial Intelligence related education- including Coding Technology, to students between the ages of seven and eighteen years  old. This is a fascinating age range as it includes remote students, homeschoolers and students in K12 schools as was announced in the ISTE 2020 Edtech Conference.

In a constantly changing environment, children and young adults today are undoubtedly being faced with an increased amount of academic and professional obstacles to overcome. Specialists have argued that certain transferable skills developed via an Artificial Intelligence based education- such as innovation, creativity and a plethora of STEM skills, can be crucial in the preparation of adequate, future-ready children. Moreover, due to the importance of being digitally literate in today’s world, AI & Coding can provide a competitive advantage to persons when applying to colleges, internships and firms and consequently significantly impacts a person’s job prospects in a more than ever before optimistic way!

Children today are increasingly growing up and developing around AI- powered devices. It is believed that a practical grounding in both Artificial intelligence and its impact- including its numerous business applications, can lead the way in shaping students capable of providing innovative solutions to real world problems facing key industries- such as cybersecurity and healthcare, completely transforming our societies and the future of our planet. The AIWS Founders and Governing Board have been involved with Robotics, Computer Science and of course education for decades, and have innovatively created a new student-centered, remote learning landscape that is primarily focused on the five Big Ideas of AI. The course is designed to be fun, creative and collaborative whilst maintaining an ethical, empathetic and inclusive flavour.

Students between the ages of seven and eighteen years old are able to bring their projects to life with easy to use, age-appropriate coding tools such as S4AIWS Scratch AI, Phiro Code, MIT App Inventor, Python and many more. The 200+ hands-on real time coding provides a variety of both STEM and project-based challenges and as such promotes the development of intuitive, self-paced and autonomous students- accelerating their individual performance and adequately preparing them for an increasingly competitive professional environment.

‘We [AIWS] seek to empower children to explore, learn and create with Al’ whilst giving them an opportunity to ’work collaboratively and share their creations with peers around the globe in a personalized learning environment.’ said Ramana Prasad, the Chairman of Artificial Intelligence World School. This statement, coupled with the COO’s declaration articulating an intent to ‘inspire students to discover the elements of AI and flourish in an AI driven world.’’, perfectly encapsulates the company’s strategic practices and corporate ethos.

Online AI Courses from AIWS will be available from November 30th 2020. These will all be easily accessible via the internet.

More about AI World School 

AIWS are a team of educators and technologists who are passionate about helping students explore and understand the fundamentals of AI and coding and the role and importance these subjects currently play in our day to day lives. Their proclaimed mission is to assist students in the challenging task of becoming future-ready in a dynamic professional world that is constantly evolving by allowing them to grasp the fundamental skills necessary to thrive in the era of AI.

AI World School is brought to you by eminent colossal Robotix, the makers of Phiro, Robobricks, and Playbits- products which are commonly used in classrooms around the world on a day to day basis. In 2016, Phiro from Robotix was recognized by Intel as one of ‘America’s Greatest Makers.’, and as such their new release brings both excitement and re-assurance to thousands of parents around the world.

From autonomous vehicles, to customer service agents and chatbots, AI is almost unavoidable. We better get used to it because this is one trend that is undoubtedly not going away any time soon.

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