Adobe / WiMi focus new mode accelerates the improvement of AI production efficiency

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Over the past year, the popular product ChatGPT has sparked global competition for big AI models. In the content production track such as text writing, picture generation, and video editing, the AI large model wins the favor of capital with the speed of content generation that far exceeds human beings.

AI, a key innovation in the field is multimodal generative AI, which can process various input information, including text, sounds, melodies, and visual signals, and combine it for comprehensive understanding.

Imagine an AI hearing a descriptive speech, you can quickly draw a picture, match it with the right background music, and tell it in multiple accents and languages. This multi-functional fusion is expected to enrich the content and levels of literary and artistic works and bring a variety of sensory experiences to the audience.

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Generative AI opens up new ground

The breakthrough of AIGC is that it allows users to find ways to communicate directly between people and machines. Instead of working through code, compiled, and passive control machines, this means that AIGC will give AI the ability to sense.

Indeed, the big models represented by AIGC are dramatically transforming industries, making many otherwise complex tasks simple and efficient. Through the large-scale trained model, the solution to the problem can be found quickly, which greatly improves work efficiency. The rise of AIGC is bringing more possibilities to all industries and promoting social progress.

In addition, with the continuous development of multi-modal technology, generative AI will welcome more complex and diversified interactive scenarios, which is expected to open a new application space in smart homes, smart cities, medical diagnosis, autonomous driving, and other fields.

Adobe’s new growth drivers

The current progress of AIGC technology has been able to realize the deep application of artificial intelligence such as text, text picture, and text video. The popularity of AIGC has not only ignited the passion of the big factories but also brought more opportunities for many enterprises. Adobe (ADBE) has recently acquired, a generative AI startup, aiming to convert text to avatar video through AI technology.

According to the media, Adobe’s senior Vice President and General Manager wrote in an internal memo: ” The team’s expertise in generative AI audio and video technology, text to video generation tools will expand our generative video capabilities.”This will enable Adobe to” deliver more value to our customers faster —— all of this in our industry-leading creative applications “.

WiMi Hologram Cloud is based on AIGC technology innovation and application

Similarly, the data show that WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) closely follows the forefront of the industry and always maintains the exploration of AIGC application scenarios to maintain the leadership of enterprise products and technologies. Continuously expanding the breadth of technology research and development and application, after years of technology investment and accumulation, WiMi Hologram Cloud has acquired core technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, from the underlying chip to AI computing framework and AI training platform, realizing the comprehensive and independent development pattern of AIGC technology.

It should be noted that in the development of digital people under the wave of AIGC big model, in 2023, with the strong rise of AIGC, the digital people track becomes more and more lively. Application, WiMi Hologram CloudAIGC technology through digital scenarios, through the digital people and AI technology in speech algorithm, natural language algorithm, 3D model, 3D rendering optimization, AIGC in the fields of technology, at the same time the audio, text, image, multimodal information in brigade, electricity, financial and other industries, act as the role of the host and intelligent assistant.

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Whether in the field of text audio or video, the addition of AIGC undoubtedly opens up a more creative and possible exploration space for these fields. At present, WiMi Hologram Cloud has officially entered the era of generative artificial intelligence (AIGC), enabling AI technology will comprehensively lead the industry change and innovation, reducing the use threshold of digital products such as digital people and voice customization.

As for the next development plan, WiMi Hologram Cloud will further strengthen the research and exploration of AIGC technology, constantly explore its potential application value and possibilities, create brand awareness through more technological advertising content, and create a “new link” for young consumers.

To sum up

As an important force to promote social progress and development in the future, AI has become a new favorite of technology enterprises and investors, including many global giants competing for the layout. It can be said that generative AI, as a high-tech event, is a vane of insight into the development trend of high and new technology. AIGC has entered a period of rapid growth and become a new model for various industries. In the long run, with the continuous improvement of the intelligence level of AI models and multi-modal maturity, generative AI is expected to change the human-computer interaction mode and manufacturing mode again, or “popular” applications will be born in multiple industries.