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Adam Olsen and Team, a Texas-based real estate agency, combines expertise and team spirit for a first-class experience

The current real-estate landscape is shifting slightly amid the covid-19 pandemic, the Adam Olsen Team is finding ways to innovate and give back to the community

Their dynamic team of specialists offers a world-class experience, grounded on remarkable principles that keeps them in tune with their community. Over time, the company has managed to bring about change, building lasting relationships with its clients. Adam Olsen and Team have become a solution-based company, and have been ranked as the #1 real estate agency in Texas on social media. Each month the company reaches over 1 million people via their social channels and currently boasts an online presence of roughly 58,000 Instagram followers and 78,000 Facebook followers. The team genuinely believes in bringing results that will enhance the livelihoods of every individual they work with.

Covid-19 and short term real-estate results

The current economic prospects left by the novel coronavirus has caused a great deal of uncertainty for many property buyers, owners, and investors. Substantial effort has been carried out by the team to ensure that property investment is still a safe monetary asset. The situation is quite different in comparison to the 2008 economic recession brought on by subprime mortgages. Today, many are facing far fewer subprime mortgages, and lower borrower debt to income ratios.

The company shares a confident attitude towards the current situation, with many claiming that the demand for residential property will see a slight increase in the final months of 2020. Their ability to become one of the highest-ranked real estate agencies in Walker County is garnered by years of trust and skill. Currently, ranked as #1 in Sales for Walker County for 2019, as well as from January 1st through present-day 2020. has also ranked The Adam Olsen and Team in the top 30 out of 40,000 agents in the greater Houston area since the beginning of the year. 

Home-ownership is still a preferred investment for many: 

Current economic instability, not just in the US, but internationally, and with combined healthcare issues has fortified the belief that homeownership is an important aspect of contemporary living. The team manages to create a lucrative listing profile for all the clients, ensuring success in purchasing and selling their next property. Their influential social media and marketing team gives better exposure to their listings. They have gained trust in their ability to appeal to the modern homeowner and infuse the industry with pioneering changes. 

In addition to their rendered services, the company brings new ideas and innovative creativity to the drawing board. Their experienced agents have assisted thousands of clients with property estimates, accurate Comparative Market Analysis – and in the current market situation, proper evaluation of long-term property investment is a crucial aspect. Client satisfaction and safety is one of their top priorities and interested clients can arrange house viewings via their website. The company adheres to all safety and hygiene guidelines rolled out by the State of Texas.

High profile accounts and events

Founder, Adam Olsen is a noteworthy character who has built a strong reputation for himself and his team. In the past, Adam has been a host speaker at various business seminars in the US. In time, he has been partnered with a host of noteworthy personalities such as Steve Wozniak (Co-Founder of Apple), Barney Waters (CEO of Adidas), Ndaba Mandela (Nelson Mandela’s grandson), Dr. Phil McGraw, and many others. Adam and his team have also worked with executives of Fortune 500 Companies, NFL, MMA, MLB, and NBA athletes, and many other celebrities. Adam has over time been a key figure in the development of new neighborhoods, sold various property listings, and has overall built a successful career in real estate.

Team members at Adam Olsen
Team members at Adam Olsen

Giving back to community causes

Adam Olsen
Adam Olsen

A major part of any business is giving back to their direct communities. Here we see a real estate company that boasts a substantial online presence, and a member and supporter of several charities and organizations. Currently, they are involved with Mighty Oaks, the Lone Survivor Foundation, Walker County Fair Association, Wounded Warrior, Open your Purse for Change, New Waverly ISD, Willis AG Booster,  and Montgomery County Firefighters to name a few.

Adam Olsen and Team have become a dynamic centerpiece in the real estate industry in Texas. Adam Olsen has always been a true believer in taking care of his clients and offering them a professional service throughout. In time, this has filtered down to the rest of the team, and the company has built a trustworthy reputation and gained a loyal client base – that is the epitome of word of mouth marketing.

Prominent social media presence

The team creates organic content from property photos and videos to blog and social media posts informing their clients and followers of new property listings and promoting their charity work. Through various social media channels they reach out to their target audience directly, promoting their brand and the services they offer. 

You can experience firsthand their top ranked social media presence that has a growing audience reach and substantial user engagement by visiting their Facebook page, as well as other platforms that they use such as Instagram or Twitter.

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