According To FMI, Military Power Generator Sales Will Reach $1.44 Bn USD By 2030

Power Generator for Military Market

By the end of 2021, the total value of sales of power generators for military use was estimated to be around US$1.06 billion. By 2030, it is anticipated that the global market for military power generators will grow at a 3.5% CAGR and reach a value of US$ 1.44 Bn. The power generator for the military market accounted for 15% market share of the overall generator market.

The dynamics of the Power Generator for the Military market, which is primarily influenced by residential complex expansion, industrialization, and the mining industry, are predicted to be the subject of a comparison and review study by Future Market Insights. In order to support oil and gas operations, hydraulic fracturing production should be increased. This will foster market growth.

According to an analysis by FMI, the market for military power generators experienced a change in BPS values in H1 2022. projected increase is based on an additional 40 units. The market is expected to increase by 20 basis points in H1-2022 compared to H1-2021.

Demand for distributed energy in the military sector is surging. In tactical military communication, pitches, sites, and bases, field hospitals, and command systems, it is being used more and more frequently; this trend is anticipated to continue in the years to come. Therefore, it is believed that power generators are crucial for the industry to operate without interruption.

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Aiming to provide state-of-the-art power generation systems with high output and low operating costs, major manufacturers in the military power generator market. They’re expected to focus more on making hybrid generators in the years to come. In general, it is anticipated that the market will continue to give strong priority to portfolio and footprint expansion.

Key Factors are Bolstering Demand for Power Generators for Military Use

“Growing Usage of Power Generators for Enhancing Energy-Security Performance, Environment, and Economy to Aid Market Growth”
  • Growing Demand for Distributed Power

Experts anticipate a significant transformation to be in progress. Power generation and consumption are undergoing a revolution as a result of the global wave of decentralising energy.

The military sector is concerned with finding a suitable source of secure energy that will meet their expanding needs while also assisting them in minimising negative environmental effects. The efficiency of various defence operations will be severely threatened if this requirement is not met.

Therefore, installing power generators is a preferred technique for enhancing the sector’s performance in terms of the environment, economy, and energy security.

  • Surging Need for Integrated Power Systems

Some of the most renowned military organisations in the world are putting their attention toward developing integrated power systems, like microgrids, to house advanced power generators.

By installing hybrid generators, these organisations can cut costs associated with fuel purchases and reduce their carbon footprint. Experts predict that against this backdrop, demand for hybrid generators will soar in the upcoming years. As a result, the market will have profitable growth prospects.

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North America Region is becoming an Attractive Market for Military Power Generator Manufacturers?

“Escalating Spending on Advanced Military Power Generators to Drive Market Growth in North America”

North America is expected to account for a 36.6% share of the power generator for the military market in 2022. North America is currently one of the most lucrative markets for power generators globally. The region is identified as one of the most lucrative markets for portable and mobile power generators. Governments within the region continue to invest in advanced military power generators.

Immense focus on strengthening their countries’ defence sectors will steadily increase military expenditure. This will, in turn, aid the expansion of the market for advanced military power generators. Field camps/accommodations will account for an increasing number of power generator installations in the military sector.