A Great Platform For New-Age Content Creators

New Media Film Festival® provides opportunities for new-age content creators to reach out to buyers and audiences alike.

New Media Film Festival® started its journey in 2009. It was announced in Second Life and was part of the C3-United Nations-Millennium Project in the form of an annual event. Through this festival, the works of established and emerging New Media Content Creators and video artists from the US and abroad are showcased. 

Establishing connections is vital to the film industry – whether that be between viewers and their new favourite films or filmmakers and the platforms that can help them share their stories. New Media Film Festival® knows the importance of forging new connections, especially between buyers and content creators.

Looking to exhibit your films to potential buyers? Hoping to discover and acquire the rights to new media? Buyers and sellers can easily connect and negotiate deals through the New Media Film Festival’s®  Market. The festival created a new online DIY market for this purpose.  With this content market created for the buyers and the creators, now more access to connections and content will be possible. https://newmediafilmfestival.vuulr.com

CEO Ian McKee said, “It is now the right time to look at the digital marketplaces and digital events as a new model in these times. Digital technology is here to stay, and we must look for complementary models for different events”.

New opportunities are created to boost the creators outside the norm to keep up with the industry. With the help of the advancement in technology, the platform has been created for the creators to grow and develop their work. The New Media Film Festival® is like a catalyst that helps in telling new stories using updated technology.

Are you a film enthusiast looking to discover fresh voices and stories from around the world? In 2022, every month, from the roster of content the festival has helped get distribution, one film will be screened. The film can be viewed from anywhere in the world by a simple, no cost sign-up. Each month this year, viewers can watch films that the New Media Film Festival® has helped produce, free of cost. The monthly screenings kick off with Louis Kahn’s Tiger City, a documentary centered around American architect Louis Kahn’s monument to democracy in war-torn Bangladesh, Directed by Sundaram Tagore and starring Academy Award winner Debra Winger, architects Bal Krishna Doshi, Steven Hall, Sajeeb Wajed, and Nathaniel Kahn. https://newmediafilmfestival.vuulr.com/sr/monthly-screening

Louis Kahn Tiger City -Against all odds, renowned American architect Louis Kahn designed a dazzling monument to democracy in war-torn Bangladesh. Art historian and filmmaker Sundaram Tagore spent 7 years traveling around the globe following in Kahn’s footsteps exploring his extraordinary genius and the wealth of architectural forms, from Rome to India, that inspired this epic achievement.

New Media Film Festival® understands the importance of story and technology in the global marketplace. The 13th New Media Film Festival® continues to expand opportunities to both showcase and discover films, TV shows, and other forms of media. From a new platform for buying and selling media, live in person events, online screenings and interview sessions, there is plenty of chance to establish all forms of connection within the filmmaking world.

Beyond these offerings, the festival will continue to present the opportunity for networking via live events on June 1st and 2nd. With performances, Q&As, art exhibitions, a red carpet, and an awards ceremony in over twenty categories (including the new Faith & Family category) the festival is not to be missed. www.NewMediafilmFestival.com

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About New Media Film Festival®

The festival’s culture is honoring stories worth telling by bringing the best of stories and technology together with content creators from around the world. New Media Film Festival® has the transformative power of the cinematic arts that reaches across all cultural bridges by putting together stories and technology for everyone – Innovative, compelling: People, Panels, Q & A, Networking, Screenings with leading decision-makers, implementers all in one place. To submit & attend the festival visit www.NewMediaFilmFestival.com

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