Love, Marriage, and Visas: 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Midseason Check In

90 Day Fiancé takes viewers through the process of how couples apply for and receive the K-1 Visa, which is for foreign fiancés of American citizens with 90 days to get married. Airing on TLC, the series has seven spin-off shows and is releasing its up and coming eighth season. Each spin-off focuses on the before and after processes couples go through, be it after their marriage or before they apply for the K-1 Visa. Specifically, The Other Way turns the tables as it focuses on the American partners moving with their spouses to their home countries instead of their foreign spouses moving to and living in America. Below is a synopsis of The Other Way’s latest season 2, spanning 22 episodes, with a midway-ish focus on what’s happening in episode 15, ‘Ready or Not?’.   

Season 2, Episode 15 – The Halfway Mark

Season 2 welcomes two familiar couples from season 1, namely Jenny (California) and Sumit (India), and Deavan (Utah) and Jihoon (South Korea), and introduces four new couples: Brittany (Florida) and Yazan (Jordan), Kenneth (Florida) and Armando (Mexico), Ariela (New Jersey) and Biniyam (Ethiopia), and Tim (Texas) and Melyza (Colombia). 

Each couple tries to navigate their lives as they focus on moving to a new country and the varying complications that come with it like Brittany explaining to her father she’s moving to Jordan and Kenny selling his house in the first episode. As the episodes progress, we see the couples and their parents clashing with one another, secrets are withheld and shared, family concerns come to the fore. More specifically, Ariela’s doctor is concerned about her pregnancy and giving birth to a newborn in Ethiopia, Deavan and Jihoon move into their new apartment, and religion comes up among other, seemingly trivial things, like job interviews and social media. 

A close-up of the halfway mark of season two shows a Sumit butting heads with his parents over Jenny, will they ever accept her? Even when his brother calls a family meeting they don’t let up and Sumit is left in a position where he almost needs to take sides, but he chooses Jenny to his family’s dismay. There still seems to be something not quite forthcoming about why the two are together, but these questions can only unfold as the season progresses. 

As Brittany goes back to Chicago to finalize her divorce, Yazan is under the impression she is visiting her baby niece. The question presents itself, will their relationship hold much hope for the future? Brittany expresses her doubts as she explains to her mother that Yazan’s family wants her to convert to Islam and marry as soon as they can. 

Armando is not quite ready to tell his parents about his engagement with Kenneth, but after doing so the couple will need to face the resulting consequences, which not only involves them, but their families and Armando’s daughter. While Ariela and Biniyam are expecting their firstborn, they move into their apartment in Ethiopia and try to figure out how they will take care of the baby, and themselves for that matter. Will Ariela end up moving back home if things do not work out and what choices will she end up making for the sake of her child? 

Meanwhile, Melyza has a secret she shares that involves her sleeping with someone when she was broken up with Tim. But, will their relationship ultimately last? Deavan and Jihoon do not show up in this episode, but their arc continues in the follow-up episodes with some slight twist and turns when Jihoon’s new job raises eyebrows and Deavan’s mom triggers some nerves.  

Viewers will need to come up for air during the halfway mark of season two before they plunge right in again to resume the rest. The remainder of the season unfurls more drama as the couples navigate their new lives in new countries, as well as how they fit into each other’s worlds, but not on their own – their families also inch their way and their opinions into the couple’s choices. We get to witness Ariela welcoming her newborn baby, Kenneth and Armando standing strong as they plan their marriage, and Brittany gaining more closure on her divorce. But, there are so many more questions threatening to uproot the roots each couple clearly wants to set down.   

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