7 Ways to Provide a Classic Look to a Home’s Halloween Decor

7 Ways to Provide a Classic Look to a Home's Halloween Decor

Halloween is one of the most festive times of the year. These days people don’t just want to have the spookiest costume, but the scariest house in the neighborhood too. There was a time when the classics were all you needed to get in the Halloween spirit. Let’s go back in time to channel black bats and skeletons. Here are seven ways to add a classic look to your home’s Halloween decorations.

1. Get Witchy

There is nothing more classic than witches when it comes to Halloween. Spice things up with a few witch figurines in your living room. But also infuse your home with colors like black, green, and purple to give the witch atmosphere to any room. A black tablecloth in the dining room is another nice added touch.

2. Don’t Forget Jack-O-Lanterns

Instead of carving large pumpkins into a jack-o-lantern try using smaller ones. They can be placed in your windows and lit with decorative lights. Sit them near the fireplace for a simple Halloween decoration. For those who like to get creative, take your dinnerware to the next level by painting white plates orange, and once they are dry use a stencil to add a jack-o-lantern face to them. Give your dining room some Halloween spirit by adding plates to the table.

3. Use Some Bunting

Halloween bunting is the simplest way to give your Halloween decor a classic look. Halloween bunting or other items such as banners and bows can be hung around the front door or in the study are sometimes all you need to get in the holiday spirit. Bunting can also be used year after year which makes bunting a cost-effective option.

4. Add a Few Throw Pillows

Throw pillows don’t sound like a Halloween decoration at all. However, with the right colors and patterns they can be. Some black and white striped pillows combined with some orange ones can leave the room with a touch of Halloween you didn’t know it needed. It also keeps you from doing a lot of work when it’s time to change the decor later.

5. Spice Up the Kitchen Panty

Halloween in the kitchen doesn’t always mean baking up spooky treats for the kids. It can be as simple as adding some classic decorations to your cardboard. Place some crow carving, pumpkins, and even a witch’s broom in the pantry to keep up with the theme of the holiday.

6. Bats for a Spooky Touch

This decoration is something the whole family can help create. Taking black paper and making bat cutouts is a fun way to decorate the fireplace or kids’ room. Just use some tape and you can stick these spooky creatures anywhere.

7. Let A Skeleton Lounge

If there is an extra lounge chair in the study or living room let a skeleton rest there. Cover it with a blanket letting only his head show. Not only is this a classic decoration but a creepy trick on your guests as well.

Decorating your home for Halloween doesn’t have to include over-the-top decorations. It can be those classic things we remember from childhood.