7 Timeless Graphic Design Trends for 2022

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Graphic design trends go hand in hand with fashion trends. This results in trends, in both industries, to change annually for businesses and professionals in this industry to remain fresh and relevant. For businesses, graphic design is imperative in their marketing, seeing that 75% of people form opinions of websites based on visual content. For people and businesses interested in finding a reputable graphic design service, Fallon Industries may prove to be a smart choice. Not only do they offer graphic design services, but also product photography, video production, package design, product sell sheets and more.

The pandemic has also caused trends to shift and dominate others. This is due to consumer habits which have changed and due to the general global conditions. This article will explore the top seven graphic trends which will always be in fashion, in 2022. 


Minimalism in graphic design has been a prominent trend for years, and this will continue in 2022. Minimalism, such as simple shapes and clear font, has been used by designers to successfully convey the message to consumers. This also ensures that websites and images are not oversaturated with unnecessary elements of design. Simple shapes and fonts also convey the perception of professionality and elegance. This is often accompanied by muted colour palettes. This has been a common trend in the advertising of clothing stores, restaurants and upmarket cafes and bars. 


3D graphics have been the foundations of graphic design for years and have proven to be a popular choice in advertising. Seeing that this trend offers designers more freedom and abstraction than other trends, seeing that three-dimensionality is more realistic. According to projections, hyper-realistic renderings which are able to merge elements of photography and graphic design, will be well received by audiences. 


Seeing that the pandemic is still crippling health systems across the globe, the World Health Organization has recommended against the gathering of actors and filmmakers, which would promote the continuation of remote work. Due to this, filming for advertising and movies will be kept at a minimum, which would promote the use of animation in these fields. Variations of animation which have been projected to be at the forefront of animation are comics and pop art. 

Gradient Colouring 

Gradient colouring, which is a technique which provides smooth color transitions, has been a popular trend in the graphic design industry for years. It is projected that bright colours and thick black lines will be at the forefront of this trend, and used widely in outdoor advertising. Seeing that the combination of a soft background with a dominant element is a technique used by many graphic designers, this trend is projected to be a dominant graphic design technique in 2022. 

Optical illusion, parallax effect and the surrealism

Optical illusion is a graphic design technique used to offer the perception of saturated colours and space. Optical illusions are also able to be combined with the parallax effect. This effect is the displacement or difference in the perceived position of a figure which is viewed along two different lines of sight. This is also measured by the angle of inclination between those two lines.

Surrealism is also projected to be a popular trend as it allows some figures to seem closer than visual figures. 


Seeing that designers’ main goal is to attract the attention of audiences, they are required to produce memorable images and products. A way to do this is through anthropomorphisation. Anthropomorphic figures are a form of animation which incorporates personification. This trend is especially important seeing that animation will be a dominant trend in 2022. 


The past always has a way of coming back, and the same applies to graphic design trends. 90’s and early 2000’s aesthetics have been a prominent trend in many industries, as well as graphic design. This has seen designs with simple figures and colourful colour palettes. 

The Takeaway

2021, similarly to 2020, has been a complex year with many uncertainties. This has applied to industries such as graphic design, e-commerce and marketing. But, 2022 seems to be more optimistic, and the graphic design trends mirror this. These dominant graphic design trends in 2022 will provide a range of design options for clients, suited to express their identity and optimistic feelings. Fallon Industries, which offers graphic design services, is a top choice for those looking for a graphic designer in the US. 


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