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6 Strategies to Improve Your Instagram Stories Engagement

As image and video marketing surges, do this with Instagram...

In social media marketing, engagement is important to a successful campaign. This goes beyond the views, likes or reach of your posts, instead, it is more about the number of people that takes action when they view your content. With the intense competition for audience, several brands to choose from, and an ever-changing algorithm, it is becoming harder to get audience attention and increase engagement.

This article will provide you with important strategies you can execute to improve the level of your Instagram stories engagement. Given the rise of Stories format for posting, you should consider implementing these strategies.

You can try to make use of the following Stories guidelines.

1. Have a Story to Tell

The most important thing to consider to increase your Instagram Stories engagement is to have a story to tell, to begin with, a story with a beginning, mid-point, and an ending.

It is easier to just put up a picture, however, providing your followers with context to the story will ensure a better experience for all of them.

2. Provide Captions or Inform your Followers to Keep Their Audio On

It might look simple but it is very effective to improve your Instagram Stories engagement by providing captions to stories, you give your followers ample instruction and keep them focus on the post.

If you are observant, you will notice a lot of people do not have their sound on when going through their Instagram feed. So you need to lead on your followers, take time out to provide captions to what you are talking about to increase your viewers reach and response to the maximum level.

3. Make Use of Stickers

What is more fun than Instagram stickers, and not just that they also spice up your stories?

You can make use of two specific sticker types to boost your brand Stories engagement:

  1. Question Stickers

Even thou you can just ask your followers to ask a question in Instagram Stories, however, making use of question sticker comes with its unique advantages. As you repost any question put forward, the users that asked get notified that their question has gotten a reply which automatically results in the user viewing your Instagram Story. You can ask your viewers to ask a question about a specific topic, what their best adventures is, or what choice of holiday destination they like.

  1. Poll Sticker

Polls catch user attention a lot, make use of the poll sticker to know your viewers’ favorites and allow them to aid your business choices (to help tailor your products to their preferences) or give overall feedback of your business.

Something cool about Instagram poll sticker is the easy access you have to the list of users who responded to your poll. In addition to that, you can message them directly 24 hours after the conclusion of the poll so as to engage in further conversation.


  1. Other Stickers

Having talked about the question and poll stickers, however, they are not the only Instagram Stories sticker available to develop your engagement. Making use of location stickers is a way to make sure you appear in relevant regional search queries, together with the addition of hashtags to your Insta Stories that will ensure that your stories catch more attention. The other sticker menu which is ever expanding can also boost the attention your stories receive, provide more interactive elegance to your post, and boost your Insta Stories performance.

  1. Lead on your Audience.

At times you need to lead on your viewers to where you want them to be.

For Insta Stories engagement, you make use of appropriate prompts to improve the time viewers spend on your stories or keep your viewers engage using multiple tile stories

You can use the following prompts:

  • Hold To Read – you can add lengthier text to your posts, and urging your audience to “hold to read” the whole content.
  • Tap For More – Use tile that asks questions on your Insta Story then add “Tap for more” after you have asked the question. The following tile (s) could contain videos where you are providing relevant information or picture that has useful info.
  • Get Ready To – This prompt is used to create enthusiasm and eagerness, and prepare your viewers for what is next in line. You can prompt them to screenshot the next post, change their screen orientation, or to make sure their audio is on.

5. Create ‘Screenshotable’ Instagram Stories

Creating ‘Screenshotable’ Stories bring about more interaction on your Insta stories. What does that mean? You can create several kinds of stuff for your viewers that make them ‘Screenshot’. We have some examples below:

Use Fill in the blanks in your post-You can create so much fun for your viewers with fill-in-the-blanks kind of Stories. It could simply b for the fun of it or, better yet as a kind of survey to gain insight into what your viewers like which can then help you in creating relevant content, products, and services. Never forget to put your brand print over your fill-in-the-blank tiles, then encourage your viewers to tag you in their own Insta stories whenever it is posted on their timeline or sent over to you via direct messages so you can gather the responses.

Wallpapers- This brings something of value to your followers, you can make inspirational quotes in the form of wallpaper, or it could just be a simple attractive picture. You can have weekly wallpaper Insta stories that you will post to your viewers. This strategy also counts as a chance to be creative in your post, display your personality, and strengthen your brand values.

Stories Contests- Turning your Insta Stories into some of the contest can go a lot way into improving your stories engagement. You can organize giveaway by prompting your audience to screenshot and repost or even allocate a prize to certain events such as participating in a survey. As usual instruct the participants to use a given hashtag or tag you directly within their Insta stories or have it sent to you through direct messages.

6. Directly Messaging for Download

In the present social media settings, the focus is on creating engagement and making your existing viewers interact with you.

We borrow a leaf from the email list building strategy- in which you request your viewers to send you a direct message so as to collect freebies. This could range from an eBook, or a place at your upcoming webinar. Using this method, you can create a list of those who seem to be interested in a specific topic, thereby striking a direct convo with them, which is more rewarding than just putting them into your email list.

In the same manner, Insta Stories can also be a very good way to remain in your followers’ timeline even thou you are actually posting anything to your own feed. You will discover that when you are active on Instagram stories, your Instagram account perform much better in the general sense.



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