6 Fantastic Experiences Only Available on a Boat in Miami, Yacht Jerico shares

Miami is one of the most vibrant and energetic cities in the world. There are new and exciting experiences around every corner for tourists and locals to enjoy. Renting a yacht, and taking a break away from the big city life is considered a bucket list experience. After all, Miami is renowned for its beautiful beaches, ostentatious wealth and more recently, its luxury yacht cruises have become a staple experience in every traveler’s itinerary. In fact, it’s the celebrity way of experiencing Miami as you’ve never seen it before. 

Yacht Jerico, the celebrity yacht of choice in Miami, shared some exciting experiences that are exclusively available on a Yacht. 

Experience Miami’s NightLife on a Luxury Yacht

Yacht Jerico is the only yacht in Miami that has an outdoor nightclub and overhead beam spotlight. It has mentions from celebrities like P-Diddy, Chelsea Westcoast, Da Baby, and Justin Combs, just to mention a few. It is also one of the fastest yachts on the Miami waters. Exploring the city and celebrating a special day can be a luxurious experience. Imagine dancing the night away on a luxury yacht in the middle of the Miami ocean? Luxury yacht parties do not happen every day unless you’re living it up in Miami

Anchor Out & Relax

If you’re new to Miami and just getting used to all the energy in the big city, you may need to put aside a day for some much needed R&R. There is simply no better way to do this than on the open ocean, surrounded by crystal clear water and the most majestic views. There is certainly no shortage of beaches in Miami, in fact, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding how you would rather spend your much-needed day out. 

Gone Fishing 

Miami fishermen boast that their waters offer the best deep-sea fishing experience in the States. For travelers who consider fishing to be their hobby, and are longing for a little taste of home, while they’re in Miami, a deep-sea fishing experience is ideal and there are many boats offering this experience daily. In Miami, the saying among fishermen goes “expect to catch anything”. Chances of catching salmon may be slim, but the Atlantic Coast is full of every species, from swordfish to tuna and bill. 

Snorkeling in Crystal Clear Water 

Snorkeling is another bucket list experience in Miami. The waters are crystal clear and the chances of spotting sea life, you’ve never seen before are very high. You can go snorkeling off your yacht while being anchored down somewhere. This is the perfect opportunity to get close to the oceans’ most prized and enchanting creatures, especially close to the coral reef. For the more adventurous traveler, booking a diving experience from one of the adventure boasts on the shoreline may seem like a better option.

 Book a Yacht Tour 

Exploring Miami by water also allows you to reach nearby islands and national parks faster. It is a very unique way of exploring the intercoastal. Travelers can request that their yacht or boat captain take them to some of the most incredible islands on the Miami coastline, anchor off, and enjoy exploring. 

Book a Yacht and Watch the Sunset 

Few things can compare to watching the sunset on the open ocean. This can easily be arranged. Travelers can choose between a boat or a yacht sunset experience. A boat may be the more affordable option, but chartering a yacht is more luxurious.

A Few Useful Things to Pack Before Boarding a Yacht

  • Medication- for travelers who are chronically ill
  • Comfortable shoes
  • T-shirts, shorts, bathing suits, and a swimsuit cover-up or sweatshirt for mild nights.
  • Depending on the weather or season, you may need a light jacket
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses & binoculars

Once you’re on a beach in Miami, the possibilities are endless. You can book a yacht easily, online or in person. It is always better to do your research way ahead of time and lean on the experience of experts. Yacht Jerico has been cruising off into the Miami sunsets for years and is considered to be one of Miami’s most luxurious options when it comes to chartering a yacht.