5 Reasons the DDPai Mola N3 Dash Cam will make driving more fun

Technology has played a big role in the way cars are designed and have helped us in so many ways. As many brands continue to expand and use the most futuristic approach there is, they bring in great results. Private cars specifically are popular amongst collectors and there are many reasons why.

One of the reasons being is because they feature driving recorders that actually help by dispersing disputes and by recording every part of the journe. It has helped drivers understand their driving and the experience they have on the road. However, there is one in particular that we love and highly recommend to driver’s out there: the DDPai Mola N3 Dash Cam. Why, you ask? Well, let’s break that down for you.

The crystal clear quality

When you are looking to purchase a driving recorder for your vehicle, it is only logical to choose one that offers you a crystal clear, high quality view and for a reasonable price. This dash cam that we have chosen specifically has 1600P Ultra HD and an impressive 2k+ lossless UHD resolution, that only enhances your driving experience. It has 6 pristine sets of full-glass lens, as well as a very clever encoding and decoding image processing technology. 

It’s like you’re in a Sci-Fi film

As we have highlighted that technology is becoming more and more futuristic, the DDPai Mola N3 Dash Cam also includes a feature just like that. It has SR (Sense Reality) black technology that has a built in high precision 6-axis gyroscope. This feature can help us fellow drivers in many ways, since it can handle all kinds of conditions and driving situations which means that footage will always be recorded. You can even instantly share your recorded journey, which makes it even cooler.

It has great endurance

If you are looking to invest your money wisely, by not needing to constantly replace your recorder, then you would love the incredible high endurance that this dash cam has. It features the super capacitor, which means that you are guaranteed to have a long lasting battery technology that can survive through both hot and cold conditions. It was designed to survive temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to 70 degrees and the super capacitor works well because of the energy conversion that is carried through the electric field changes.

This then means that you have an accessory that doesn’t rely on chemical reaction at all, but instead you have a system with greater endurance that reacts faster and gives you a longer battery life. It is a win-win situation for any driver who wants to hit the road.

Unique and beautiful design

Even though we love and appreciate technology, we do also like technology when it looks visually attractive. It is somewhat alluring and makes your technology experience even better overall. With this dash cam, we have that exact same feeling; since it has a stylish and one of a kind axis-bracket and a rounded, compact design. 

Creative recording experience 

What is also really cool for driver’s who are also filmmakers or vloggers is that there is a feature that allows you to place this dash cam anywhere and it can flip over, meaning that you can get the most creative and coolest shots for your short videos. You can record outside and inside the car, so if you’re driving down a picturesque countryside or a bustling city that you want to capture, you can do that.

Our say

Being tech geeks ourselves and having tried all new products, we highly recommend this dash cam for it can bring your driving experience to a whole new level. Another great reason as to why you should invest in one now, is because you can get it for 59% off  the original price until October 1st;  which means that you are bagging yourself a futuristic, stylish, powerful and yet compact dash cam. It is an opportunity to not be missed and definitely a state of the art that needs to be added to your collection. The DDPai Mola N3 Dash Cam is the future.