5 Powerful tools for Content Marketing

The key to successful content marketing is, of course, the content itself. What does it take to create fantastic content or end up with a subpar content? According to research, the key lies in the tools you utilize, a lot of successful content marketers make use of not less than five tools to create highly efficient and effective content.

Which is why we decided to bring you a list of five innovative tools that can take your content to the next level. The list will feature the new innovative content marketing tools which are rarely talked about.

There are various content and marketing tools out there, the question is how will you know exactly which is right for your team of marketers? There will a lot of trial and error for sure- you need to familiarize yourself with these tools before you can make use of it in a relevant way.

Nevertheless, the following tools should definitely feature on your lists- we present to you five powerful tools for content marketing.

1. Finteza: Analyze

The first vital step to successful content marketing is setting up a simplified data analytics app that is easy to understand for your team members. The earlier the better, as more insight, will be generated moving forward.

This is why Finteza is featured here, the app is a web traffic analytics tool that creates information on user behavior and also bot detection while providing insight into conversion funnels. This provides useful web traffic info that you can use to analyze visitor data and provide insight on how to better optimization of your future content using visitor interests.

An exciting feature that Finteza has is the quality of its traffic report, which makes it possible for you to detect external attacks, analyze ad fraud and spot suspicious patterns.

Finteza enables you to separate traffic using colors:

  • Green Color indicates pure traffic including live users.
  • The yellow Color point at proxy server users like Tor Browser, VPN, etc.
  • Red indicates unwanted traffic like hackers and spams IP addresses.
  • Gray indicates service traffic from search engine bots, instant messengers, and social media channels.

This detailed report allows content marketers to have a better understanding of the efficiency of any marketing tactics and campaigns they are using.

2. TextOptimizer: Optimize

In the art of content creation, you need to find that unique angle that ensures you are matching Google’s, as well as, your clients’ expectations.

There is a tool just for that, Text Optimizer makes use of semantic analysis to inform you where you got it wrong with your content, not just that, it also provides additional data on how to improve your content quality.

This tool centers on optimizing your content for organic rankings in search engines, making use of your provided query for semantic analysis of your content. Based on the provided information, the tool will create a list of linked concepts and terms which can be included in your content to achieve better optimization.

3. ContentCal: Publicize

In our digital world, there is multiple platforms where you can find potential clients and for some clients, they will want to see your content made available on their preferred platform.

With ContentCal, you can streamline your plan with workflows along with the option of automated posting within the app. This handy tool allows you to keep every data and social media strategy in one simplified app, this includes your visuals, schedules, campaign info, brainstorming ideas, and copies.

Additionally, ContentCal is a calendar app which allows content marketers to strategize, foresee, and predict future campaigns. Furthermore, the app makes it easier to cooperate with another team to deliver on your social media plan and growing brand awareness.

4. Viral Content Bee: Promote

You can also try using social media influencers for your content marketing and brand awareness, you take advantage of these influencers’ large audience or followers to make your presence known.

The ever-changing internet is a massive hunting ground with intense competition which is why you have to make use of some advertisement or your product may never truly achieve its market potential. Viral Content Bee is the perfect app to achieve that goal as the app allows you to put forward your product in front of social media users. Whenever a user shares your contents and posts, your brand keeps getting more recognition.

Content marketers can also utilize Viral Content Bee to test out their content. As users begin to share your work, you can collect data on which content performed better on various social media channels, then you can reshape your content for improved optimization.

5. Mailshake: Outreach

If you are an upcoming brand that is not yet well known, then there is a need to reach out to ensure the right people can find your content, utilize it and help share it around to boost your brand awareness.

Just how will you be able to achieve this while trying to save time and effort?

Mailshake is an inexpensive app that you can use to send outreach emails for the purpose of link development, prospecting, and sustaining relationships with your potential clients. The tool sport a simple user interface which is why it is easy to use for sending outreach emails.

The app allows you to arrange your email contacts, track replies and answer emails as well as survey old emails. Mailshake is among the easiest cold email outreach tools out there, it also works with your G Suite or Gmail account.

Mailshake is an incredible answer to marketers need to connect with several individuals consistently, yet at the same time want to stay credible and appealing.

Every one of these apps is important in its own specific ways, and there are various options you can use to capitalize on these applications. In case you’re searching for options to step up the game, this certainly are apps you should consider.