5 MR related companies worth watching: Apple Vision Pro launched with spatial computing technology

Apple Meta WiMi XR 

Apple (AAPL) recently opened the pre-orders of Apple Vision Pro in the United States, marking the start of the era of space computing. Not surprisingly, the first batch of products quickly sold out, and the shipping time was generally extended to 57 weeks within hours of the pre-order opening.

Vision Pro’s sales (considered by Gurman) are the first new product sales in nearly a decade. Today, overseas analyst Guo Ming posted that Apple is expected to sell 160,000 to 180,000 Vision Pro units in the first weekend after opening up for pre-orders.

The development of AR / VR / MR headset has always been faced with the contradiction between “high performance” and “portability”. Although Vision Pro is still a certain distance from light, through the hardware configuration far higher than other VR / MR devices, it achieves better picture performance, solves many interaction problems, and supports the equipment that can achieve multi-scene coverage in the application end.

According to the disclosed information, Vision Pro has space video, high-definition color VST, light office, giant screen viewing and other related functions. In the past, VR / MR was limited by equipment performance, and its application was limited to entertainment scenarios. Industry insiders of relevant information said that Vision Pro performance improvement and interaction mode will determine a relatively clear technical route for the industry and drive the development of the industry.

Not surprisingly, the Vision Pro is seen by Apple as a next-generation computing platform. According to TrendForce, the device is a key strategic layout for Apple to expand into the virtual reality market, and that Apple is entering the VR / AR market as a pioneer in technology innovation.

At the same time, at this time node, the global brand closely follow the market hot spots, new products frequent action, layout of VR, AR and other virtual reality products, and have spread the news in the field of increased space computing, AR / VR industry is breeding new opportunities.



According to the message, Meta Quest 3 full color perspective, color performance more reduction than Quest Pro, equipped with two full color cameras and a depth sensor, provide more efficient color perspective function, means compared to AR, VR, MR and the real world interaction will present more possibilities, users can wear head display to view mobile phone, computer screen, such as real world information, at the same time can produce interaction with the real environment, this is also MR important distinguish and AR, VR.

According to reliable sources, Meta AI will launch Meta smart glasses and Quest 3 in 2024. For example, on Meta smart glasses, users can wake up the built-in AI through “Hey Meta” to achieve a variety of functions.


As Apple’s Vision Pro approaches, a hardware battle for a headset is expected to begin in 2024. Samsung’s XR headset, code-named “Infinite,” is expected to debut in the second half of this year, with the first production of 30,000 units.

According to South Korean media reports, Samsung has a strong patent reserve in the XR field. The U. S. Patent and Trademark Office has revealed a new Samsung patent that sees new technologies and ideas that could emerge on the next generation of VR headsets, using color and depth of field cameras to identify user gestures. Of course, Samsung has many more in the XR, such as connecting AR glasses to another device to project virtual images.


Sony (SONY)

Japanese tech giant SONY has announced the launch of an XR headset for intuitive space content creation and interaction. It is equipped with 4K OLED displays, a pair of controllers for precise interaction in 3D space, and two different interactive tools supporting the handle and interactive ring. The device name and specific parameters of the device have not yet been announced. Thus, although everyone does not mention spatial computing, everyone is preparing for the era of spatial computing.

Tencent (TCEHY)

According to previous WSJ reports, Meta has reached an agreement with Tencent to become the exclusive seller of the Meta headset Quest line in China, which will sell Meta’s Quest line headsets by the end of 2024. However, Tencent is not only willing to be Meta’s entry into China agent, it has been a lot of layout in the XR patent field.

According to the patent data released by IPRdaily, Tencent’s patent reserve and layout in the XR field are among the best. According to domestic media reports, Tencent’s IEG interactive entertainment business group XR business line plans to set up XR equipment and content business department, responsible for the development, sales, marketing of Tencent’s own brand XR equipment and ecological construction around content.


WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI)

Data shows that the industry chain upstream suppliers are also increasing investment in XR track, among them, the WiMi Hologram Cloud has deep AR high-end market, development is not limited to AR applications, in games, simulation, digital advertising scene commercialization, at the same time through the space algorithm upgrade can realize the free switch of virtual reality, in viewing, exhibition, education office scenarios to provide applications.

It can be said that WiMi Hologram Cloud has a very early layout in the application ecology of XR, and has formed a certain user scale and brand influence. Especially in hardware manufacturing, software development, content production and channel distribution, it has a considerable technical strength and scale effect.

Today, the global XR market is shifting from VR to MR, which is a natural response to the increasing integration of the real world and the virtual world. In the future, WiMi Hologram Cloud will increase the investment space in the layout of computing field and the iterative update at the product level will help XR industry products to break the circle, and also graft more stories for itself.


To sum up

At present, with the launch of Vision Pro, the whole industry chain of XR is heating up, and Apple’s high high is also injected a booster to the industry. Now, Apple’s choice of the next decade of muddy XR track shows that Apple has high hopes for this device, and with the joint push of the giants and the supply chain, the changes in the XR industry pattern deserve continuous attention.