5 Lessons entrepreneurs can learn from investor Joseph Lizyness

Joseph Lizyness

In the world of business, platforms, ideas and fields are constantly evolving. Nearly everything is now done online and becoming an entrepreneur is now becoming more realistic than ever. With the help and support of different projects and programs, your business idea can now be funded if you follow the procedures step by step correctly.

Joseph Lizyness is a representative example of success in the world of entrepreneurship. Born February 20th 1987, he had an interesting journey. Today he is the co-founder of Eagle Atlas Inc. He started out by serving the army for four years between July 2005 to July 2009. Before he became a co-founder and an angel investor, he had gained experience first in other fields such as being a physical security specialist, a program analyst, a technical integrator, a deployment operations admin specialist and a program control and security officer. Just like yourself, Joseph took up every job before he decided to risk it all and become his own boss.

He has recently started Giraffeup in order to help entrepreneurs just like himself succeed and achieve their goals.His aim is to help people and give them the opportunity to be invested by angel investors who also see a future with them. Joseph has some side projects in the works, such as releasing short books about his success and he is a musician who plays the guitar.

Here are 5 lessons that business owners like yourself can learn from Joseph Lizyness:

Think strategically

It is important to have strategic skills when it comes to running a business. Joseph himself came into that mindset after serving the military, setting himself up to think out of the box when it comes to leadership and organization. When you have a strategic mindset, things become clearer and you can see the big picture ahead of you. This plays a vital role when you want to pick up on trends; such as making money from home whilst in recession from investing in the stock market.

If you think about ideas or trends that are constantly changing based on results, then you can foresee which potential ideas can become a success and possibly even stand out from the others.

Don’t give up after the first try

It took Joseph himself 20 startups over the years before he was confident go ahead with the idea that worked for him. When you think of your first idea, you will have that boost of energy that will motivate you to succeed. However, if it doesn’t pick up just as you planned, it’s okay; since you can always learn from your mistakes and the reason why it failed. Your idea will continue to develop and may even change, but this is what will eventually bring you the ultimate success that you have been working towards.

Always be ready to learn more

Education is free and we are always taught something. You should always give yourself the time to pick up a new skill that can expand your knowledge. This can be beneficial for your company and yourself, since you can have a better plan and organisation for your business. Not only that, but you can always bring yourself success, just like Joseph will teach you on how to become an angel investor with just $100 in his upcoming short book. Learning a new skill such as a new language or application can expand your opportunities and bring you many more connections in different fields.

Don’t be scared to speak up

Even though saying yes all the time can open you up to more opportunities, it can also be a downfall and cause tensions. Sometimes you may just disagree with your business partner and you may believe that their plan can set you both up for failure. This is why communication is key and it is important to speak up and voice your opinion. It helps clear everything up and assures that you and your business partner or clients are on the same page.

Time is the essence

If you are really motivated to startup a business, but there are obstacles in the way, you will need to make sure to get rid of them. If you do not dedicate time for yourself to develop your ideas and build your plan, it will only delay and take longer for you to try out your first idea. It is also advised not to rush things, since that can set you up for failure.

Not everything will be perfect

Perfection does not exist; there will always be bumps and glitches in your startup company.This is okay, because it only helps you get better and prepares you for overcoming the same mistakes you might just make. Sometimes your plan may not go accordingly, but with your strategic thinking, you can always be ready for changes.

On philanthropy:

Joseph Lizyness explains that “You are only as good as the advice you keep and act upon. One of my favourite examples is the legendary property tycoon Del Henri in Florida. He attributes his success before 30 to listening to the right people and taking massive action based on what he learned, whilst putting aside advise that is not seen as supportive of his success.” Handel “Del” Henri himself, who owns HH Investments explains that selfishness is a poison and that philanthropy serves as a way to counter that and set the right example. Joseph Lizyness is on exactly the same page as an investor in people.

Some of the most successful startups backed by Lizyness include:

-JetToken (private air travel an app like UBER)
-Startengine (equity crowdfunding portal)
-Knightccope (robot security)
-Snowball Money (app for investing and I think could become huge like Robinhood)
-Upshift (app for car rental and could be bought by UBER in the future)