5 Experiences That Can Increase Work Team Comradery

5 Experiences That Can Increase Work Team Comradery

Learning about and getting along with co-workers and other team members is important for boosting employee morale and creating a positive and successful work environment. Help your team break out of their shells by trying some of these unique experiences.

Whale Watching in 2023

There is no bonding experience quite like heading out with your co-workers and enjoying whale watching in San Diego together. A weekend afternoon is an excellent time to get your team and their family members together to try to spot gray whales, humpback whales, and a range of other marine wildlife. Even better, you do it all from the comfort of a gorgeous 141-foot sailing yacht that leaves plenty of space for everyone to spread out comfortably while still talking and building rapport. The experience typically takes 3-4 hours, which gives your team members plenty of time to get to know each other while also leaving much of their weekend free for other obligations.

Volunteer Together as a Team

Putting work back into your community is a unique experience that allows your team members to bond over doing something good for other people. Think about your company and the values it represents. How can you carry those values into your volunteer experience? You could tutor local students, clean up parks and beaches, serve meals at a soup kitchen, or visit residents in nursing homes or children’s hospitals. Working together to make the world better will help co-workers get to know each other while increasing overall morale.

Cocktails At Sea

If you’re interested in a more sophisticated bonding experience for your team, try corporate drink tours in San Diego. While situated on a 139-foot sailing yacht, you and your co-workers can enjoy gorgeous views of the San Diego skyline and a range of other sights while trying some of the area’s finest cocktails, wines, beers, and gourmet hors d’oeuvres. Everyone can mingle, get to know each other, and form connections while enjoying a sunset cruise and being served by a full, professional crew.

Encourage People To Encourage Each Other

Increasing comradery doesn’t need to mean taking time outside of work. You can encourage positive interactions while you’re on the job as well by showing your co-workers the importance of encouraging and uplifting others. Give compliments to your team as a whole and as individuals, and don’t be afraid to do it often and publicly. Teach them to encourage each other as well by offering them the chance to provide anonymous notes for each other (which is often easier than speaking aloud at first). Eventually, you’ll notice your team is more positive and uplifting of each other.

Set Up the Occasional Group Outings

Increasing comradery among your work team doesn’t always require big, pre-planned outings. You can also create short-notice or even last-minute experiences like going out for a quick drink after work or planning a barbecue at the park if the weekend is expected to be nice. These types of low-pressure outings make it easier for people to join when they can and on their own terms. Be sure to schedule things on varied nights and times of day to give everyone a chance to participate.

From quick dinners after work to Carlsbad corporate outings, there is much you can do to increase camaraderie and boost morale. Try several types of events over the span of a few weeks or months to ensure there’s something for everyone.