5.5G era is coming: Advanced 5G will comprehensively surpass the existing 5G in terms of rate

5G Applications and Services Market

During the 2023 Global Mobile Broadband Forum (Global MBB Forum 2023), Huawei announced the world’s first full range of 5G-A product solutions.

The world’s first 5G-A full range of solutions

5G-Advanced, which is often called 5.5G, is the transition stage between 5G and 6G, which will comprehensively surpass the existing 5G in terms of rate, delay, connection scale, and energy consumption, It is expected to achieve peak rate down trillion and up Gigabit, millisecond delay and low cost.

Huawei 5G-A is the right time to support the development of new experiences, new connections, and new businesses. Huawei 5G-A’s full range of product solutions enables network capacity ten times, through the “broadband, multi-frequency, multi-antenna, intelligent, green” five basic capabilities of continuous innovation, help operators to 5G-A efficient and smooth evolution.

5G commercialization has developed rapidly for four years

Since the commercialization of 5G for more than four years, the industry has developed rapidly, and the scale of 5G applications has been implemented. So far, more than 2605G networks have been deployed globally, covering nearly half of the population 5G is the fastest-growing of all intergenerational technologies. It took 4G six years to grow to 1 billion users, and 5G took just three years to reach this milestone.

Compared with 4G, the global average of 5G network traffic increased by 3-5 times, and the ARPU value increased by 10% to 25%. At the same time, one of the biggest changes in 5G over 4G is to help expand mobile communication networks to the industry market. At present, the global 5G industry applications have reached more than 50,000, and the number of industry connections has exceeded 10 million.

At present, new 5G experiences, new connections, and new businesses continue to emerge. With personal consumption connection, 5G will open the door to the immersive world; in the Internet of Things field, 5G is expanding the boundary and moving to the full scene connection; in the industry field, 5G is moving to the core production link to achieve flexible production; 5G is also accelerating new businesses such as vehicle connection, enabling highly reliable and intelligent transportation.

r/WIMI - 5.5G era is coming: Advanced 5G will comprehensively surpass the existing 5G in terms of rate

After four years of commercialization, 5G has become a new driving force for the shift and speed of the digital economy. Since the beginning of this year, various major policies have been introduced to promote the development of 5G and even 5.5G. It is high time to strengthen the sea, look forward to the future of the new generation of mobile communication technology (5.5G), and it is high time to push 5G to become a 5.5G power.

Indeed, the next generation of ICT continues to evolve, the demand for big language models, ChatGPT, and autonomous driving continues to grow, and networks need to evolve. To this end, in addition to Huawei, other manufacturers are also planning to build a 5.5G blue ocean, trying to bring 5.5G into reality and make new preparations for the future of communications.

WiMi Hologram Cloud started to layout in 5.5G

It is understood that, as the leading “pioneer” of 5G strategy, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has achieved leapfrog development in the 5G consumption and industry fields, enabling 5G to continue to cash in commercial value. To further promote the development of 5.5G technology, WiMi Hologram Cloud has an in-depth discussion on the development trend of 5.5G, deepen the coordination of 5G industry, promote 5G application innovation, and carry out industrial innovation and new characteristic application achievements in the aspects of 5.5G network construction, technology industry, and integrated application, to make sufficient preparations for the future arrival of the advanced version of 5.5G of 5 G.

For a long time, in the consumer field, WiMi Hologram Cloud has continued to improve customers’ 5G experience and drive business consumption. At the same time, it has introduced new technologies such as AI and holography to open a new space of billions of Internet of things and create a new industry vision. For example, WiMi Hologram Cloud exerts the influence of 5G, continuously improves 5G network coverage and continuously improves 5G rate, promotes a series of changes for the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, directly drives upstream consumer interactive applications such as holographic and 3D video, and brings users rich and more immersive interactive virtual world experience.

In addition, for the development of the industry market, the scale application and capacity of 5G are very important. The industry needs to expand the space of the entire industry and focus on key applications and key industries. To this, to promote the construction of a cross-industry innovation ecosystem, WiMi Hologram Cloud ecosystem, partners, vertical industry good cooperation, build and improve the ability of 5G cloud ability, AI ability, system integration, activate ecological application innovation developers, help 5G in consumers, digital market better development, help to expand the future 5.5G whole industry market space opportunities.

To sum up

Generally speaking, mobile communication technology generally has an intergenerational life cycle of 10 years. Due to the large technological gap between generations, there are often occur in the middle point of the decade, such as 2.5G,3.5G, and 4.5G. This year is the fourth anniversary of 5G commercialization, so it is widely expected that 5.5G will be commercially available in 2024. In a word, the endless 5.5G ocean will not only clear the blue sea, fishing sail far shadow, win in the 5G era, sail the 5.5G smart ocean, and enjoy the digital wave of the future blue sea.