Display Driver Market to Undertake Strapping Growth During 2022-2031

Global Display Driver Market report from Global Insight Services is the single authoritative source of intelligence on Display Driver Market. The report will provide you with analysis of impact of latest market disruptions such as Russia-Ukraine war and Covid-19 on the market. Report provides qualitative analysis of the market using various frameworks such as Porters’ and PESTLE analysis. Report includes in-depth segmentation and market size data by categories, product types, applications, and geographies. Report also includes comprehensive analysis of key issues, trends and drivers, restraints and challenges, competitive landscape, as well as recent events such as M&A activities in the market.

The Display Driver Market is a technology that allows for the display of computer graphics on a variety of devices. This includes everything from smartphones and tablets to televisions and gaming consoles. The market is divided into two main segments: integrated and discrete.

Integrated display drivers are built into the hardware of the device, such as the processor or chipset. This means that they take up less space and use less power. Discrete display drivers, on the other hand, are separate chips that are installed on the motherboard. They offer better performance but come at the cost of increased power consumption.

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Key Trends

There are several key trends in the Display Driver Market:

  • Increasing demand for better visuals and graphics in electronic devices: With the ever-increasing demand for better visuals and graphics in electronic devices, the need for display drivers that can provide high-quality visuals and graphics is also increasing. This is one of the key drivers of the Display Driver market.
  • Technological advancement in display driver technology: With the continuous advancement in display driver technology, the display drivers are becoming more and more efficient and are able to provide better visuals and graphics. This is another key driver of the Display Driver market.
  • Increasing competition in the Display Driver market: The Display Driver market is becoming increasingly competitive with the entry of new players. This is due to the fact that the market is growing at a rapid pace and there is a large demand for display drivers.
  • Increasing investment in research and development: With the increasing demand for better visuals and graphics, the need for new and improved display driver technology is also increasing. This is leading to an increase in investment in research and development activities by the players in the Display Driver market.
Key Drivers

The Display Driver market is mainly driven by the following factors:

  • Increasing demand for display drivers in various applications such as automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial.
  • The market is being driven by the increasing adoption of OLED and AMOLED display panels. These panels are thinner, consume less power, and offer better image quality than traditional LCD panels. This is resulting in a growing demand for display drivers that can support these panels.
  • The market is being driven by the increasing demand for high-resolution display panels. This is due to the growing demand for high-definition and 4K resolution displays in various applications.
  • The market is being driven by the increasing adoption of touch-enabled display panels. This is due to the growing demand for touch-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

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Restraints & Challenges

The Display Driver market is a highly competitive and rapidly evolving space. Key challenges for market participants include staying ahead of the technology curve, managing the cost and complexity of developing and deploying new display technologies, and addressing the needs of a wide range of customers with diverse requirements.

Developing and deploying new display technologies can be costly and complex. Managing these costs and complexities is a key challenge for market participants. In addition, market participants must address the needs of a wide range of customers with diverse requirements. These customers may include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs), system integrators, and end users.

OEMs and ODMs are under pressure to develop and deploy new display technologies quickly and cost-effectively. They must also manage the risk of obsolescence associated with rapidly changing display technologies. System integrators must be able to integrate new display technologies into their systems in a timely and cost-effective manner. End users may have specific requirements for a particular display technology, such as support for a specific resolution or a specific color gamut.

Market Segments

By Display Size & devices

  • Small Devices
    • Smartphone
    • Tablet
    • Automotive Display
    • Industrial Displays
    • Small Medical Devices
    • Camera
Key Players
  • Intel Corporation
  • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Texas Instruments Incorporated
  • LG Display Co., Ltd.
  • AU Optronics Corporation
  • Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.
  • Epson Electronics America, Inc.
  • Hitachi Displays, Ltd.
  • Innolux Corporation
  • Japan Display Inc.
  • NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.
  • Panasonic Corporation
  •  Sharp Corporation
  • Sony Corporation

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