3 ways to include company wellbeing

3 ways to include company wellbeing

There’s more to running a business than just numbers – as the old cliche goes, a business’ greatest asset is its people and it’s so important to make sure your people are running at full capacity. So here are a few key points to focus on to ensure your employees and productivity are happy and healthy.

  • Effective communication

If there’s one thing that makes a business efficient and improves customer service tenfold, it’s effective communication, and it’s so important to the wellbeing of your company. If everyone can get messages and instructions clearly and easily, this makes for a smoother workflow, and customer communications can be massively improved by keeping their records accessible while talking to them. Luckily there are plenty of tools to help you here, and you should definitely learn more.

  • Outsource Specialized Tasks
One mistake that I see companies making regularly is trying to get their staff to do specialized tasks. For example, if you have a content writer on your team, it might be tempting to try to get them to do your website’s search engine optimization. However, unless they have actual experience or training in this skillset you’re going to get much lower quality SEO optimization than if you worked with professionals like Ignite Digital. Your employees are likely to feel overwhelmed and overworked trying to figure out new skills that are outside of their job description. Outsourcing specialized tasks not only allows you to have the best of the best helping you with complicated things, but also allows your employees to work on their actual work and have more work life balance.
  • Providing healthy food and drink

While a lot of corporate socialising focuses on bar meet ups after hours, such a focus on drinking culture can actually be detrimental to company culture and even ti your employees’ health. Everyone knows about the harmful effects of alcohol as a substance, and drinking culture can have other negative impacts – such as excluding certain members of the workforce who may have commitments which mean they can’t attend drinks, or due to religious reasons. Instead, why not promote a healthier lifestyle by offering beneficial foods and drinks in the workplace, such as smoothies which could help liver detox or snacks high in protein to help maintain muscle mass? Your workforce will thank you for the culture shift.

Obviously, there’s amore to running a business than offering smoothies, bonding,  and communicating clearly – but a happy, healthy work force definitely helps and is a great place to start.