3 Extraordinary benefits of real-time data integration

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Creating a competitive advantage through data and AI is at the core of many smart strategies today. Understanding the extraordinary benefits that come with real-time data integration may hold the key to crafting your new leading edge over others who have not yet awaken to these opportunities. Allow me to explain, by means of a good example in our industry:

Rapid integration


What can real-time data integration do when combined with data warehouse automation and what would be the benefit to warehouses and other businesses? This is exactly what Attunity Ltd is aiming to do during a demonstration at the Gartner data and analytics Summit which is to take place in Orlando Florida. It has become clear in the last couple of years that the intelligence and analytic teams of modern businesses need to find a way to rapidly integrate and manage data so that it can be utilized to provide in the needs of businesses which are experiencing rapid changes and who are challenged by various real-time business requirements. The model which has been designed for Snowflake by Attunity is apparently successfully eliminating time constraints, making the process simply and there is a decrease dependence on limited resources. However the system makes full use of the instant elasticity and the substantial cost advantages of Snowflake’s cloud built data warehouse.

A more efficient system


Several advantages is made possible because of the Attunity compose for Snowflake, it allows for the more effective implementation and updates of data warehouses. Likewise the process relating to data marts is also more efficient and manual operations is also decreased which also deals with the error prone design processes associated with data modeling and also scripting and coding. This is exactly why the compose for snowflake by Attunity makes it possible for businesses to speed up analytic projects, they will reduce the risk of human intervention while achieving agility and this will allow them to fully experience the potential of Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse. This system has already been adopted by PACCAR which is a Fortune 500 company and an organization which has proven itself both in design, manufacture and also in areas of customer support especially as it relates to high quality premium trucks industry. The director of digital services at PACCAR was quoted as saying; in our dynamic industry it is important to deliver continuously updated and analytic ready data that drives decisions and improves insights.

How will Snowflake benefit


There will be complete automation of the data warehouse cycle and this would include creation, design, management and updates. Data transformation will be better and there will be a significant reduction in implementation costs and also the use of resources will be reduced. The system will provide real-time data delivery speeding up critical analytics and in doing so it will use 40 transactional sources which is connected to low impact change data capture which has been integrated for maximum optimization via Attunity Replicate. The new system will provide a nimble model driven approach which make it possible to add, redeploy and modify wherever necessary. Other functions is also simplified such as self-service data mart creation which will be instantly available in snowflake making it possible to address a variety of analytic use cases. When it comes to modern analytics the cloud is the preferred platform as can be seen by various enterprise adoptions and also the rapid growth of various cloud data warehouses. Users all over are in need of a faster and more agile way in order to allow analytics in the cloud to provide more value with rapid interactions however by using less resources.



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