2ºmuch! Sheds Light on the Importance of Tackling Climate Change Efficaciously

  • Exploring the most effective ways of tackling climate change
  • An analytical critique of 2ºmuch!’s distinctive approach

2ºmuch! is a digital platform which operates on a global level. Its main objective is to serve as an unequivocal source of promotion for Climate Action, and consequently enable the world’s population to take individualistic steps to personally offset carbon emissions and reduce our global Carbon footprint on a holistic level. 

The eminent company wants to act as a so-called ‘sea buoy’ in relation to climate change- a metaphor which can be used to detail the platform’s essential role in the ‘sea of misinformation’ that surrounds this crucial issue affecting our planet at the moment.  By enabling millions of persons around the world to acquire a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of climate change, as well as by giving such persons a ‘concrete’ way of compensating for their own personal carbon footprint by 2030, 2ºmuch! is paving the way towards a brighter, greener earth. 

Climate Change: An Essential Cause?

According to the NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS), ensuring we aspire to secure a more ‘green’ and sustainable climate is important for a plethora of reasons.

For one, the state of our climate (defined as the ‘long term pattern of weather conditions’ in a given location), undeniably affects us more than the average person may realize. Ranging from our food sources, to our infrastructure, to where we can travel, to the types of clothes and footwear we wear, our climate has a prolific degree of influence on our society’s future wellbeing and commercial opportunities. 

Moreover, scientists around the world have continuously documented the exorbitant degree of climate change that can be attributed to human activity, a fact which further highlights the potential impact that humans can make on a global level if we start to take responsibility and personally reduce our carbon footprint in the correct way. 

Human activity has undeniably already had a massive impact on the lives of a prolific number of individuals. By beginning to understand exactly: how the climate is changing, why it’s changing, and how best to combat this change, we can take the first crucial steps needed in order to prepare for a potentially dynamic and unprecedented climactic future. 

Such vigorous liaising  by field experts around the world has helped us study and consequently predict a variety of nature phenomena- including the extent of rain on the following winter and the degree of sea level rise as a result of a rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s surface. Accordingly, scientists have additionally been able to extrapolate both: a) the specific locations around the world which are the most likely to be affected by the consequences of climate change, and b) the specific species which are being threatened the most as a result.  

2ºmuch!’s Unique Approach 

As briefly touched on above, 2ºmuch!- which has partnered up with leading industry scientists, aims to expand persons general knowledge and understanding in relation to the most efficacious ways in which persons can individually take steps to decrease the holistic exacerbation of our global climate. 

According to the aforementioned digital platform, human activity can be adequately offset via a combination of initiatives- including Ecological Restoration and Ecological Engineering, and not only via Reforestation.

Even though reforestation- the act of proliferating the amount of trees on our planet, is undeniably a good step, 2ºmuch! explains that it is not solely enough. In fact, ‘only ecosystems can save the climate’, a statement which has been validated via a plethora of offset projects and research programs which were solely aimed at assessing the efficacy of such measures, and one that is unsurprisingly in line with the published views of the NCAS.

Final Take: A Greener Future

Overall, Carbon Neutrality is and should remain a global objective for the foreseeable future. Platforms such as 2ºmuch! are vitally important in both shedding light on the issue at hand, and on what steps to take to most-effectively combat it. However, it still remains crucial for all individuals to take the prerequisite steps necessary to reduce our global carbon footprint if we are to progress into a greener Earth in the future.

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